Macabre Monday Let's Play a Game Week 2

Hey fiends! We're back for our second week of
"Let's play a game".

Who doesn't have some random game pieces floating 
around in their craft stash? A domino, or a chess piece
Kept for sole reason that you may find a use for it someday?
Well, today is that day! Dig into your incomplete jigsaw puzzles
and your long forgotten checker sets. This is their chance to shine!  

Now just to be clear, you do not have to use the SAW film franchise
but if you'd like to go that route, we'd love to see that kind of art as well. 
Some of the Minions are total suckers for scary movies, but you
probably already knew that, huh? 

So let's see what the second round of Minion Makes 
looks like, shall we?

That doesn't look so hard now, does it?
Gather up your gaming scraps, and make something cool with it!
Enter your projects here


Matney said…
Holy Crap!!! You all are amazing! Super fab projects and just gorgeous work everyone. You all deserve a party in the dungeon tonight. Wow!

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