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May We Have A Quick Word - Midway Reminder

We're halfway through our challenge for May so we're here with some more inspiration for you. The theme is May We Have A Quick Word , and we'd like you to create something that either has a word or text on it somewhere, OR create something quick (less than a day from start to finish. Just remember to keep it dark and macabre and sinister. We don't want any of that cutesy mainstream schtuff here, thank you very much! We've had some fabulous entries already, please scroll down to the next post to add your creations to the linky tool. Imp of Insanity Ike Cadaverous Concocter of Chaos Creepy Glowbugg Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo Spreader of Sickness Susan And, we have to announce the winners from our Going Green April challenge. There were, as always, some amazing entries and we thank you all for playing along with us. The Gruesome Twosome this time are Laila Carol Congratulations ladies, here is a badge for your blogs, wea

May we have a quick word?

It's time for a new Monthly Macabre challenge here at the Haunted Design House! Please remember, this challenge is for your darker, gothic, macabre pieces, NOT your sweet and clean and suitable-for-your-pastor's-mother pieces. We understand that in a world of diversity and depth, there has to be some cute, sweet stuff out there, but we simply don't want to see it here. The Minions, despite all appearances to the contrary, are delicate creatures, and insipidly clean and sweet creations turn our perverted little stomachs. So, with that said, our challenge for May is  May we have a quick word?   This month we'd like you to either use some text somewhere on your creation OR make it a quick make - less than a day from start to finish. The Minions' two favourite creations will get to display the May Macabre Masterpiece badge, and at the end of the year the person with the most badges will receive a glorious prize from the Minions. And, each month, the ba