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What's new, pussycat? Midway reminder

We thought we'd bring you some more inspiration for our  What's new, pussycat?  challenge. Remember the theme will always be open to interpretation - you can use a new technique, or some new stash, or make it about cats, OR any kind of "new" theme. New moon, new start, new year, newly dead, new anything at all. You can link your creations HERE  (or just scroll down to the next post) and you have until the 1st of Feb to enter. And now for some inspiration from the Minions! Temptress of Terror Teri A wonderful kitty and (I think) a new stamp from Teri. Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo A new technique for Mo, and I don't even know what this is called, but check out her blog for details Spreader of Sickness Susan I've also gone for cats, and the newly undead. And we have some long-overdue winners to announce - the Gruesome Twosome from last year! We had some amazing entries throughout the year, and we'd really like to thank you all for pl

We're ba-ack!

Oh yes, the Minions are back, and it's been getting a bit fetid in the dungeon, so we're all itching to get out and share our creations. Are you ready to celebrate the macabre with us again? The Minions have created some AMAZING creations to inspire you, but before we get on to that, we have a few changes to announce. We're now going to be running just one challenge a month , starting on the first Monday of every month and running until just before the next month's challenge. Monthly Macabre Mondays, because we do love a bit of alliteration.  We're not going to have any sponsors, but the Minions will pick their favourite Macabre Masterpiece from the entries each month, and that person will receive a unique badge. At the end of the year, the person who has won the most badges will be lauded as the greatest mortal in the land and will receive a selection of gifts from the Minions in recognition of your work. The challenges will be relatively open to interpretatio