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Creepy Halloweenie Boo Birdhouses...

Tonight I've got the last of my Art Shares! Well, I had an additional one, but I had made one similar and had posted it before HERE ... it was for Suzanne . She has a couple of boys and lives in Florida, so I thought it was totally her :) Hope you like it, Suzanne!! I made these Halloweenie Boo Birdhouses for Bren . She is my downline from Wichita and she said to just surprise her with something... muhuhuwahh ahh ahh ahh aaaaaaahhhh! `:) What was she getting herself into?! I LOVE THESE ... and I almost wanted to start another project and keep these for myself. But, no no no... I was good and gave them away :) Me... good... ha ha ha... no comments from the peanut gallery... {cough... CINDY ... cough} Anyway, I had these envisioned stuck in a plant centerpiece... mossy and dark. Or, if you want to go the fun route, in a big bowl of candy corn :) I'm sorry to say that there isn't ANY product from TAC on this project... that's a first in a LONG time for me! But