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Going Green part 2 and wiiner anouncement

 Hi all,  Time for more Minion inspiration for our Going Green Challenge,  so  either use the colour green in your project, or go green by recycling, green eyed envie monster ......well I guess you get the idea, just nothing cutesy green, we love to see your darkside of crafting. For this post we had some company in the Dungeon, not many people dare go there, so we had a fun time partying with our Gruesome Guest designers, we were even allowed to get out of our chains for a bit. If you'd like to visit the Dungeon and play with us, all you have to do is make a macabre masterpiece for the Goin Green challenge and link it here , The Minons will vote for the piece they like the most and the 2 Gruesome Twosomes will be allowed to play with us in the Dark Damp Dungeon. Here the awesome projects our doomed guests made (not sure they made it out the Dungeon alive, it's a dangerous place)  Granne  Jessa   next is is the Minions turn to show what the can do

Going green!

Are you ready for a new, macabre challenge? The theme for April is Going Green and there are multiple ways to interpret that, as long, of course, as it's also dark and macabre in some way. We don't want anything sweet and cute with spring greenery, bleurgh! You can either use the colour green somewhere in your project (the perfect excuse for zombie skin) OR you can make it about jealousy or envy (the green-eyed monster) OR you can go "green" in the eco-friendly way and up-cycle or re-cycle something.  We LOVE to see all the different interpretations that people come up with. The Minions' two favourite creations get to display the March Macabre Masterpiece badge Remember, the person who gets the most badges by the end of the year will receive a glorious prize from the Minions, AND if you win one of the monthly challenges, you get a chance to be a Gruesome Guest Designer for the next challenge. Show us your most gothic, macabre, twisted creations and revel in the