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The time has come . . .

WOW! So many fabulous entries for our October challenge, and absolutely no sickeningly sweet and cute ones - I'm so proud of you guys! Throughout the year, while we've been admiring all your lusciously macabre makes, we've also been keeping a tally of who got how many votes for how many projects. The dungeon walls have been dripping in blood as we've made notes, mentioned our favourites and drooled over the ones we most loved. After a lot of counting and discussion, and including the October entries, we are so very pleased to announce that our overall winner for the year is  Teresa! Your projects have constantly amazed us, and we're delighted to confer upon you the title of "Macabre Masterpiece Maker", along with your very own badge. You also get a bunch of goodies specially selected by our grubby Minion paws, and if you let us have your address, we'll send them all via flying monkey. Or, you know, a local postal service ;) As a special thank