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Macabre Monday #181 Rotten Romance Week 1

Ah my pretties, you have returned.   Here we have some inspiration provided by the twisted minions of the dungeon.  This fortnight we are challenging you with the theme,  ' Rotten Romance '. We have all at one point or another suffered for our love,  and what better place to share your darker feeling than with us. This time round we have whipped our very own   Temptress Of Terror, Teri   into providing sponsorship and the DT with images.  She only whimpered a little. We have up for grabs an 3 images of choice for each of our  Gruesome Twosome . Delicious Darkness - DARK and Gothic art Delicious Doodles - Fluffy stuff (with dark bits too!) Menace Of The Monstrous Mark Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Monique Temptress of Terror Teri Remember now to head back next Monday to see  what we have beaten out of the other Minions.  We may even feed them this week.

Just a little blood....

Creepy Glo here to share my feeble attempt at creating something  for our current challenge of, "Fresh Blood" . I have been having issues with my mojo lately, so I was having a hard time coming up with something cool for our first challenge of the year. Finally, late Sunday night I realized I was trying too hard and thinking too   literally, so I had an epiphany. I'll try a new color for my zombie makeovers! I grabbed a cute little Buddha statue I have had for a while and went to work. I decided to go with a nice shade of blue green/aqua for the skin tone. Just trying something new. I'm still partial to the green skin,  but I was trying something 'fresh' . Almost done, now to add the black wash.  It's something I always do over my kitchen sink. And I will keep doing it over my sink, even though  I DROPPED IT AND BROKE IT! I have painted statues and black washed them over my sink  probably 50 times or more. I have NEVER

Macabre Monday #180 Fresh Blood Week 2

Welcome back to Week 2 of our Fresh Blood Challenge. The interpretation is up to you.  You may choose to use something "new to you" or go the more traditional vampish, sanguine route.  In any case,we prefer the creepy to cutesy. KWIM?   Let's see what the rest of the Minions came up with, shall we? Devilishly Deviant Donna Contagion of Corrosion Croms   Imp of Insanity Ike   Be sure to scroll down for the Linky and to view Team A's fabulous makes. Now get busy and make that fresh blood curdle!

Macabre Monday #180 - Fresh Blood

Welcome back to the Dungeon! After a good sleep in the crypt, the Minions are well rested and ready to go with our first challenge of the new year. As you may have seen in our last post, we are introducing a new victim, I mean, Minion, Monique. I'm sure some of you are quite familiar with her incredible work. For those of you living under a pile of rocks, prepare to be amazed and inspired! Now don't worry, we haven't gone soft. We have been painting the walls of the dungeon a new, lovely shade of red . It's called, "Fresh Blood" ! That brings us nicely to our challenge theme, Fresh Blood. We want to see your take on our sanguine theme, but whether you actually use real blood or not, is up to you ;) And let's try and keep things in the creepy vein, shall we? Like last year, you will have two weeks to play along. So there is plenty of time for you to get your twisted thinking caps on and join in. Check out what the Minions have creat

The HDH Dungeon has captured yet another soul...

Muhuwaahhhh ahhh ahhh ahhh aaaaahh! That's right stalkers, we've added a new Macabre Minion here and you are gonna love her... The Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo Hi, my name is Monique van Dijk , but most people call me Mo . I live in The Netherlands, am 46 and married to my DH for 24 years now. We have 2 kids (girl and a boy, 18 and 16) and 2 cats. I work part time at the financial department of a lingerie retailer. For as long as i can remember I love to craft. I started out my crafty blog career as a scrapbooker, and got into cardmaking and stamping from there. When I started stamping it turned out to be a small step to ATC and Tag making, Art Journaling, Mixed Media and colouring, I've always had a fascination for the macabre and was thrilled to find there were other people in Blogland who like to make scary, dark stuff as much as I do. That doesn't mean I don't like to do other styles as well, I like almost everything from cute, to v