Just a little blood....

Creepy Glo here to share my feeble attempt at creating something 
for our current challenge of, "Fresh Blood".
I have been having issues with my mojo lately, so I was having a hard
time coming up with something cool for our first challenge of the year.
Finally, late Sunday night I realized I was trying too hard and thinking too  
literally, so I had an epiphany. I'll try a new color for my zombie makeovers!

I grabbed a cute little Buddha statue I have had for a while and went to work.
I decided to go with a nice shade of blue green/aqua for the skin tone.
Just trying something new. I'm still partial to the green skin, 
but I was trying something 'fresh'.
Almost done, now to add the black wash. 
It's something I always do over my kitchen sink.

And I will keep doing it over my sink, even though 
I have painted statues and black washed them over my sink 
probably 50 times or more. I have NEVER dropped a piece 
and broke it before. I was crushed to say the least.
A good couple of hours of painting, down the drain (sorry, couldn't resist).

So after some choice words, and some more manic brainstorming, 
this is what I came up with.
It's the toxic tooth of a Bridge Troll, also known as a "Raglefant".
I am of Norwegian descent, and I am quite fond of our Troll lore.
And I secretly love the film "Troll Hunter" from 2010.

I located a blank specimen tag on the interwebs, and then I antiqued it
quite a bit with distress inks and frustration. Still peeved over my Buddha.

I fashioned a tooth out of polymer clay, mixed up some
"fresh blood", and stuck it all in a little jar.  

I added a little TH vial label, and used a TH rub on for the word, "toxic". 
I also added some hemp twine and a distressed fanged charm.

And there you have it. 
New "blood" for my apothecary display.

There is still plenty of time to create something for our new challenge.
Enter your new, unpublished, makes here.    



ike said…
Totally cozmic - that is one awesome project :-) I just adore that little vial - the label soooo rocks :-) Bummer about the Buddha :-(

IKE xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Monique's art said…
I think the trol tooth is brilliant. Love it

Sorry bout the buddah though
Matney said…
Love the simple and super creative. Awesome specimen and this also made me think of the troll in the Spiderwick Cronicles, which I believe that was what the troll in there was. Great bloody tooth and an awesome project.
DonnaMundinger said…
Bummer about your Buddha, but your troll tooth just ROCKS! xxD
Gráinne said…
simply genius ... ♥ Suzanne x

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