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Working in the Lab week 2

The Minions have been quite busy cooking up foul smelling concoctions, and horribly damaged experiments for our current, "Working in the lab, late one night" challenge. The dungeon reeks of sulphur and rotten entrails, not to mention that it looks as if a bomb went off inside of a meat-packing plant in here. It's bad. I guess none of the Minions have any formal laboratory experience. It's a good thing this challenge only has one more week.  Here are some of the creations that survived... Devilishly Deviant Donna Contagion of Corrosion Croms Temptress of Terror Teri        Okay kids, let's get those thinking caps on, and make something to give ol' Dr. Frankenstein a run for his money! Enter your lab assignment here in the current challenge.

Haunted Design House 2013 ATC Swap

Ok, So this post has been a long time coming, sorry for the delay, I shall request additional torture sessions. I would like to thank everyone that took part, it was a great response and we will hopefully do it again this year. Now I do not have pics of all the ATC's that were sent out so please send me a pic so I can add it to the post and to the page at the top of our home page. Glo Croms Mark Angelica Karin Julie Steed ( sorry Julie, Cant find your blog addy, please let me know and I can link you up x - done) Suzanne Thanks again for joining in and please send me the pics if you have not done so, I know there are some brilliant ATC's still to be seen.


Welcome to another marvelously, macabre Monday! I hope everyone made it through the holiday unscathed. I survived a last minute family function hosted at my house, with the help of a few Mimosas, and a case of Pacifico. But I digress.... Today's new challenge theme is "Working in the lab, late one night". Basically, we'd like to see your interpretation of a mad scientist's lab, his creations, experiments, rats, beakers, etc.. Or maybe even your own experimentation. Be creative! First up, for some Minion inspiration is Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo Fang-tasmogorical Fiona Sultana of the Sinister Black Dragon Makes you want to go hang out in the laboratory all day, doesn't it? Be sure to drop by each Minion's blog, to see more of each of these wickedly delicious projects.     An InLinkz Link-up

Steampunk Junk Week 2

Where are all you Steampunkers out there? Hope we didn't make it too hard for ya with the whole junk reference. You can use whatever bits and pieces you have lying around, not just stuff saved from the garbage bin. Here's more stunning inspiration offerings from our talented Minions. Devilishly Deviant Donna Contagion of Corrosion Croms Creepy Glowbugg  How is that for inspiration? I see all kinds of "junk" used in each of these artworks. Be sure to stop by each of the Minion's blogs to see more photos and get more info on their projects. Let's see what you can do with a little junk. Enter our Steampunk Junk challenge here .  

Macarbre Monday # 186 STEAMPUNK JUNK

Welcome back to another exciting Macabre Monday challenge!! The new challenge theme is StEaMpUnK JuNk That's right, it's time to gather up those bits and bobs, odd and ends, and make something Steampunk-y with them! That's why there are metallic paints, right? The idea is to reuse, or up-cycle something(s) in your junk drawer, or something destined for the trash bin. Make it into a Steampunk inspired project. Got it? Need some visual stimulation? How about this? Maniacal Mother of Mahyem Mo Fang-tasmogorical Fiona Temptress of Terror Teri BLACKDRAGON I'd say these projects pretty much run the gamut of  Steampunk inspired projects. Incredibly clever and inventive pieces of art by all of the Minions. And the rest of the Minions are busy slaving away to create more visually stunning pieces for you to check out next Monday. You've got two weeks, so get busy!! An InLinkz Link-up