Macarbre Monday # 186 STEAMPUNK JUNK

Welcome back to another exciting Macabre Monday challenge!!
The new challenge theme is
StEaMpUnK JuNk
That's right, it's time to gather up those bits and bobs, odd and ends, and
make something Steampunk-y with them!
That's why there are metallic paints, right?
The idea is to reuse, or up-cycle something(s) in your junk drawer,
or something destined for the trash bin.
Make it into a Steampunk inspired project.
Got it?

Need some visual stimulation?
How about this?

Maniacal Mother of Mahyem Mo

I'd say these projects pretty much run the gamut of  Steampunk inspired
projects. Incredibly clever and inventive pieces of art by all of the Minions.
And the rest of the Minions are busy slaving away to create more visually
stunning pieces for you to check out next Monday.

You've got two weeks, so get busy!!


DonnaMundinger said…
Brilliant work, Sister Minions! You've set the bar very high for the rest of us. xxD
mark gould said…
Beautiful collection of inspiration x

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