Macabre Monday # 184 Let's play a game

Hello, I want to play a game.
Up until now, the dungeon has been a safe place to play.
If you want to make it out of this challenge alive,
 you must search within yourself to find the answers. 
You have just 14 days to plumb the depths of your creativity,
and pay homage to me, Jigsaw.
Only those entering can move on to chapter two of our little game.

Below you will find the first part of the Minions inspiration for this challenge, and with Jigsaw at the helm, the Minions are in for a tough couple of weeks.
You can of course interpret the challenge however loosely you like, whether it be a creepy altered game piece, or something more directly linked to the SAW film franchise.
Your main objective is to survive the challenge.

If you want to use my Jigsaw image you can download him on my blog

Remember, you have just two weeks. Head back next week to see more awesome makes from the DT, and to find out the Gruesome Twosome from the last challenge.


Andrea C said…
Fab work guys.x
Elly said…
Wow!! I don't have enough time to play at the moment. Just dropped in to marvel at the stunning DT pieces. Great inspiration as always.(:o)
Matney said…
Minions projects are once again amazingly creeptastic! Killing to get an offering done for this round!!
I'll play, sounds like fun :) xx

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