Steampunk Junk Week 2

Where are all you Steampunkers out there?
Hope we didn't make it too hard for ya with the whole
junk reference. You can use whatever bits and pieces you have
lying around, not just stuff saved from the garbage bin.

Here's more stunning inspiration offerings from our talented Minions.

 How is that for inspiration?
I see all kinds of "junk" used in each of these artworks.

Be sure to stop by each of the Minion's blogs to see more
photos and get more info on their projects.

Let's see what you can do with a little junk.
Enter our Steampunk Junk challenge here.  


Macarbre Monday # 186 STEAMPUNK JUNK

Welcome back to another exciting Macabre Monday challenge!!
The new challenge theme is
StEaMpUnK JuNk
That's right, it's time to gather up those bits and bobs, odd and ends, and
make something Steampunk-y with them!
That's why there are metallic paints, right?
The idea is to reuse, or up-cycle something(s) in your junk drawer,
or something destined for the trash bin.
Make it into a Steampunk inspired project.
Got it?

Need some visual stimulation?
How about this?

Maniacal Mother of Mahyem Mo

I'd say these projects pretty much run the gamut of  Steampunk inspired
projects. Incredibly clever and inventive pieces of art by all of the Minions.
And the rest of the Minions are busy slaving away to create more visually
stunning pieces for you to check out next Monday.

You've got two weeks, so get busy!!


Macabre Monday #185 Skullduggery week 2

Today begins the second week of our
Skullduggery challenge.

Now, who doesn't have at least one skull stamp, digital image, 
or embellishment? Every good dark crafter should have a stash
of cranial goodies for a challenge such as this.

And maybe if we sweeten the pot you'll wanna play along with us.
The Masterful Mistress is offering up a random prize pack
to the chosen Gruesome Twosomes for this challenge. 

Now that I have your attention, would you like to see
how the Minions played along with the current theme? 

Feel free to click on each Minion's name to be taken directly to their
blogs for more info and pictures of their wicked cool skull projects!

If you are feeling up for the challenge, please enter your 
skull infused makes here.


There's a new Minion in the Dungeon.... and a new challenge.

The dungeon has been a bit empty lately,
with Minions taking hiatuses left and right.
So, we've decided to bring on another creeptastic crafter
to tantalize and terrorize your mojo.
Please give a warm and bloody welcome to 

Fang-tasmogorical Fiona!!

Hi, my name is Fiona Randall. I am a full time Cardiology Nurse working in
a busy Cardiology unit. In my spare time I like to create in photoshop digital
artwork as well as getting my hands dirty with paint and mixed media to create
physical pieces of art. I tend to create artwork towards the dark and gothic
side as that is my passion. Aside from this, I am an avid lover of
Rock/Metal Music, and during the summer I like nothing more than to
get down and dirty at the various Metal Festivals that run through the
summer months, as well as taking in a gig or two at various venues.
Thank You for inviting me to be a part of the Haunted House Design Team.

Let the games begin.

I don't know about you guys, but we are super excited to have Fiona
joining us as a new Minion! Her work is so engaging and dark!
She is a great asset to our talented, yet dysfunctional family.

Our new Macabre Monday theme for the next two weeks:


The word 'skulduggery' is a noun,
meaning underhanded or unscrupulous behavior; trickery.
Notice how we purposely misspelled it with two "l"s?
We're looking for SKULLS, but if you can manage to work
both the definition, and the skulls in,
then you have a win, win project on your hands! 

So, just to be clear, we want to see skulls. Lots, and lots of skulls

Which leads us to what you'd like to see, the Minion's projects.

Temptress of Terror

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem

Fang-tasmogorical Fiona


Macabre Monday Let's Play a Game Week 2

Hey fiends! We're back for our second week of
"Let's play a game".

Who doesn't have some random game pieces floating 
around in their craft stash? A domino, or a chess piece
Kept for sole reason that you may find a use for it someday?
Well, today is that day! Dig into your incomplete jigsaw puzzles
and your long forgotten checker sets. This is their chance to shine!  

Now just to be clear, you do not have to use the SAW film franchise
but if you'd like to go that route, we'd love to see that kind of art as well. 
Some of the Minions are total suckers for scary movies, but you
probably already knew that, huh? 

So let's see what the second round of Minion Makes 
looks like, shall we?

That doesn't look so hard now, does it?
Gather up your gaming scraps, and make something cool with it!
Enter your projects here


Macabre Monday # 184 Let's play a game

Hello, I want to play a game.
Up until now, the dungeon has been a safe place to play.
If you want to make it out of this challenge alive,
 you must search within yourself to find the answers. 
You have just 14 days to plumb the depths of your creativity,
and pay homage to me, Jigsaw.
Only those entering can move on to chapter two of our little game.

Below you will find the first part of the Minions inspiration for this challenge, and with Jigsaw at the helm, the Minions are in for a tough couple of weeks.
You can of course interpret the challenge however loosely you like, whether it be a creepy altered game piece, or something more directly linked to the SAW film franchise.
Your main objective is to survive the challenge.

If you want to use my Jigsaw image you can download him on my blog

Remember, you have just two weeks. Head back next week to see more awesome makes from the DT, and to find out the Gruesome Twosome from the last challenge.


Macabre Monday #183 - Children of the Night - Week 2

Oops, a bit tardy this week with week two of the Minions' makes
for the current challenge.  
We seem to be dropping like (or should I say attracting) flies in the dungeon,
but have summoned every last bit of strength after the latest rash of floggings to bring you more.

Children of the Night

Sponsored by our very own Imp of the Insanity Ike  
You really need to check out her store. So many awesome images!!

using the SPHYNX MOTH

using Vaguely Goth and Raven background paper.

See how easy that was?
Now it's your turn to join us, and show off your
Children of the Night makes. 
Enter your projects here

And finally, we have the Gruesome Twosomes 
from the last two challenges.

Congratulations to 
Carol and Lisa for their awesome Rotten Romance projects.
Please contact Teri at Delicious Doodles to claim your three free digis.

And congrats go out to 
Matney and Lisa for their creative Frightening Fairy makes.

Please grab the badge and display it proudly. You guys earned it!


Macabre Monday #183 - Children of the Night

Well, here we are ready to kick of another
Macabre Monday challenge!
This time around we'd like to see what you come up with for
"Children of the Night".
Bring us your young and innocent, but creepy 'em up a bit first, okay?

Our sponsor for this challenge is our very own Ike, of Ikes Art.
Ike is generously offering three images of choice to each of the chosen
Gruesome Twosomes. Nice, right?

The possibilities are endless for this one.
What kind of creatures lurk in the shadows during the dead hour?
I just watched Ghoulies last night, so slimy critters from hell,
crawling out of toilets come to mind.

Let's check out how the Minions have interpreted this theme.

Temptress of Terror

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem


Macabre Monday #182 Frightening Fairies Week 2

OMG, how time FLIES!  
Especially when the FRIGHTENING FAIRIES are after you, eh?  
Yes, it's already week two of our challenge by that name, 
and so far it seems to be quite the challenge.
Are all the fairies in hiding, or only the frightening ones?  LOL  
Well, here's a bit more inspiration from Team B, 
and hopefully we can scare some up.

Devilishly Deviant

C'mon! Let's see what happens when Tinker Bell goes bad, or 
when the Tooth Fairy decides to go rogue and starts removing kid's
teeth herself. Pick a fairy, and make it creepy.
Enter your Frightening Fairy here.


Macabre Monday # 182 Frightening Fairies

 Ahhhhhhhh my pretties!!
Another two weeks have passed in the dankness that passes for our home,
and we are starting our new challenge here at The Haunted Design House.
This time we challenge you to create with the theme
Frightening Fairies as your inspiration.

Below you will find some creations from our DT.
Scroll to the bottom of the post to find the first
Gruesome Twosome of 2014!!

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem

Menace Of The Monstrous 

Temptress of Terror

Freak of the Formidable

And now my pretties,
 our chosen Gruesome Twosome.


Congratulations, ladies.
Feel free to display our winners badge with Pride.

Be sure to stop by next Monday to see what else has been beaten 
out of the Minions  for your viewing pleasure, and to find out the 
Gruesome Twosome from our second challenge,
Rotten Romance.


Macabre Monday Rotten Romance Week 2

Welcome back to week 2 of our
Macabre Monday challenge!!

Our generous sponsor and fellow Minion is Teri, of
She has generously offered up 3 images of choice to each of
our chosen Gruesome Twosomes

We'd like for you to show us your version of love gone wrong.
Keep it creepy, no mushy stuff!!! 

Wanna see what kind of unrequited love the Minions have 
created this week?

Now it's your turn to show us what you think
Rotten Romance is really all about.
Add your project here.