Macabre Monday Deja-Vu Doo

This is the final Monday of July.
Where the hell did this month go?

No matter, we have a new challenge for you.
Deja-Vu Doo.
The idea for this theme is to reuse a previous image, technique, paper, etc... 
that you have used recently, but in a new way.
It will be necessary to explain your reused object or idea, in your blog post. 

Check out what the incredibly talented Minions have made for this theme.


Put your thinking caps on and make something awesome!  


Our Beastlie Winners

The Minions would like to thank everyone who dared
to join us for our unsavory 666 celebration and challenge.
We had such a great turnout of quality entries that we had
a hard time determining who won what.
So, without further ado, 
I give you the Chosen Ones.... 

 Please contact Creepy Glowbugg to claim your prize.

Please contact Croms to claim your prize.

Please contact Black Dragon to claim your prize. 

please contact Teri and Black Dragon to claim your prizes.

please contact Black Dragon to claim your prize.

please contact Black Dragon to claim your prize.

please contact Black Dragon to claim your prize.

So basically, everyone is a winnah!
Don't forget to grab your exclusive winner's badge
and display it proudly!! 


Macabre Monday - Alien Abduction/Invasion

For our new challenge, we are going a bit SciFi.
Not our usual genre of choice, but after a moment of
brainstorming, we found that we do enjoy a good
space odyssey in the dungeon every once in a while.

Alien Abduction/Invasion 

If silver flying saucers and gray men aren't to your liking,
consider the following films for your inspiration:
Mars Attacks
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Planet of the Vampires
Strange Invaders
Day of the Triffids
Night of the Creeps
They Live (my personal favorite)
The Thing
The Blob
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

See? Science Fiction can be scary and entertaining!

Check out what our spacey Minions made.

What's this?

A funny card from the Grumpiest Dragon in the land?

Wicked clever interactive War of the Worlds inspired card!

Check out this Alien inspired altered book art!! 

I think Mister Giger would definitely approve!

Eye see you!

Looks like there's room for one more...

Care to guess what this once was?
Helen is quite the eco friendly crafter with this
salvaged outdoor light fixture. Brilliant!
Better be careful Helen, the aliens may want to observe your
incredibly clever mind.

This theme may require a bit more thought and planning than most,
but then again it is a challenge, isn't it?
Who knows? It may even be your favorite project ever, but you'll
never know unless you try.


Macabre Monday - Eerie Inspiration week 2

Welcome to week 2 of our 
Eerie Inspiration challenge.

I'd say that this photo collage is brimming with eerie, beautiful, dusty,
thought provoking, mojo whetting, inspiration. Wouldn't you?

Here is what we came up with this week for your viewing pleasure:

Looks like we all got the "white on white" memo, huh?

So, how's the ol' mojo feeling right about now? 
All warmed up and ready to get creating?
You still have a little shy of a week to make something, 
and enter your project here.


Macabre Monday - Eerie Inspiration

Looks like the Minions slept in today.
Must have been all that devilish revelry in celebration of our
last milestone challenge. Thanks to everyone who made it down
to the dungeon to party with us. I'm pretty sure we all had a blast.

 We're going to go easy on you guys (and our aching heads), 
with a photo inspiration challenge, we like to call,

Eerie Inspiration.    
This collage photo should be able to coax your mojo to come out to play.
Interpret this as you'd like, it's purely for inspiration. 
There is no wrong way to do this challenge.

Wanna see what a couple of the (less hung over) Minions came up with?

The tools of the trade.

Beautiful notebook front cover.

Even the inside pages are decorated. Nice, right?

So cool! Makes you want to start journaling, doesn't it? 

 Wicked, skull book box!

Great dimension and texture!

No haunted mansion or castle should be without one!  

See? No pressure. 
Just create something creepy, Gothic, or Halloween-y. 


Gruesomes and a Master

I would just like to apologize to everyone for not being
more organized and punctual when it comes to announcing the 
chosen winners for our challenges.
No excuses, just being absent minded, and for that, I apologize.

First up, the chosen ones for the 
Ripped to Ribbons challenge:

And for the 
Bubble, Bubble, Toil, and Trouble challenge:

Congratulations everyone! Such well deserved wins by all!
Grab your GT badge and post it proudly on your blog.
Thank you so much for playing in the dungeon with us!

And now for the announcement for the coveted 
Master of Macabre
Lisa has been a chosen winner of 6 of our 11 challenges this year.
That alone makes her the automatic winner of the Master of Macabre title.
But her work speaks volumes about her vision, and talent as a dark crafter.
Make sure to stop by her blog and check out all of her insanely wicked work.
Congratulations, Lisa!  
Grab your badge and I'll get your Master's swag to you shortly.  


666 (+1) The Number of the Beasts Week 2

Hey! Where is everybody?
Did some devil horns scare everyone away?
So far only one of you has been brave enough to play with us
for this challenge.
Now not to mess up her gig here, but we have LOTS of
marvelously macabre prizes to share with the winners of this
challenge. If there is only one winner, she gets it all!
I'm talking about free digis from Smeared Ink, a creepy grab bag from
me (Creepy Glowbugg), handmade items and goodies from the Minions,
a killer digi from Delicious Darkness, plus extra schtuff still to be determined.

Yes, you read the title correctly.
We are celebrating our 666+1 followers of
our quaint little, dark sided challenge blog here.
There are now 666 +1 beasties who follow our blog! Wow!
Thank you to everyone who stops by, comments, and even dares to
play with us. We appreciate you all, and look forward to spreading
the word of the "dark artist", to all who will listen.
Join us, if you dare!
Dontcha have a horribly underused Devil stamp or image?
Or maybe something inspired by Iron Maiden's Number of the Beast album?
A bunch of the Minions are still metal heads, so Iron Maiden was our first
thought for this theme. How about six of something? Be creative!

Here is some more inspiration for you guys.

Devilishly Deviant Donna
(channeling her former Creepy Cricut Cween Title)

Enter your Number of the Beast projects here.


Macabre Monday - 666: The Number of the Beasts

Yes, you read the title correctly.
We are celebrating how close we are to 666 followers of
our quaint little, dark sided challenge blog here.
There are nearly 666 beasties who follow our blog! Wow!
Actually, as of this writing, we are only ONE follower away 
from that magically dark number. 
Thank you to everyone who stops by, comments, and even dares to
play with us. We appreciate you all, and look forward to spreading
the word of the "dark artist", to all who will listen. 
Join us, if you dare!

So to truly celebrate, we are having a 
Number of the Beast 
themed challenge this fortnight.  

Bring out yer beasties and yer monsties! You could even use the number
six (or multiple sixes) in your project, or make an Iron Maiden project as well.
It's up to you. Interpret the theme as you like, but remember to keep it
creepy, dark, Gothic, Steampunk, or Hallowe'en in nature. 

And we're offering some equally wicked prizes to commemorate this
auspicious event. The Minions are still hammering out the details 
of all of the prizes, but just know that some original Minion artwork is involved!!
We're not only awarding prizes to our chosen Gruesome Twosomes,
but we are also going to award a special prize to one (or more) lucky entrants
Nice, right?

Keep in mind, this is all in good fun. We are not promoting Satanism, 
(nor are we condemning it), but we are celebrating our own popularity,
and having some fun while we're at it. 

So maybe you're still wondering what we're talking about with theme.
Take a look at some inspiring Minion works to get your mojo flowin'.

Blackdragon- Sultana of the Sinister  

This is on the prize table. This alone should get you moving.

Contagion of Corruption - Croms

An altered book box - with some goodies inside, could also be yours.

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo

an Art Journal page, with a fun beastie drawing and a biblical quote as finishing touch

Temptress Of Terror - Teri

This wicked image of the beasties from Delicious Darkness
is up for grabs to one lucky winner. 

More prizes will be announced next week.
Be sure to stop back by next Monday, and see the new inspiration pieces, too.