Macabre Monday Ancient Evil Week 2

It's already week 2 of our Ancient Evil Challenge and we're having a ball unleashing the long forgotten myths and demonic creatures of yesteryear.  How time flies when you wreak havoc on humanity, eh?  Well, it's our job.  I mean somebody's got to do it, so without further ado, here's this week's inspiration from the Minions.

Contagion of Corrosion - Croms

Even though the Minions need only look back on their own
histories to locate some kind of Ancient Evil, hopefully
they have inspired you to play long in this challenging challenge. 

Enter your creations here.  


Macabre Monday - Ancient Evil

Ancient Evil

Think back to days of yore, the very distant past.
What sort of evil lurked in the shadows back then? 
Slimy mythical monsters, devils, demons. Take your pick.
Please be sure to state what type of evil/monster you were 
inspired by in your post. We like to hear what inspires you.

Check out what the Minions did...

Devious Digital Demoness Susan


Macabre Monday - Crimson Crime Scene week 2

Boy, time sure flies when you're mopping up bloody
goodness from the dungeon floor. 
Gotta make room for the fresh makes, ya know.
Crimson Crime Scene
We're looking for inspiration from famous crime scenes.
You can pull inspiration from the crimes of eras gone
by, or choose something a bit more timely. Either way,
make sure you name your inspiration and it had better
have some red on it somewhere.

Check out what this week's Minions did...

Jack the Ripper

Lizzy Borden

See how easy that was?
Seems like a perfect time to get those Halloween papers
and stamps out, and put them to good use.
C'mon, play with us!!

Enter your crime scene makes here.


Macabre Monday - Crimson Crime Scene

Fresh from our adrenaline rush from the last challenge,
we're looking for a little more blood and splatter.

Crimson Crime Scene
is the name of the game, and we're looking for inspiration
from some of history's bloodiest crime scenes.
Think of Jack the Ripper, Ed Gein, The Black Dahlia,
Charles Manson, and even OJ Simpson
Please note as to who, or what crime you have chosen 
as your inspiration in your blog post.

Blood being the key ingredient, we want to see some red
somewhere on your creation, as well.  

First up, for our creepy show and tell is:

Devious Digital Demoness Susan

Fantasmagorical Fiona  

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo

Be sure to drop by each of the Minion's blogs to see their
projects up close and personal.

Now it's your turn to make a bloody mess!


And we all scream for ice cream!!!

Summer has come to a close, and what better way to celebrate,
than with ice cream?

Please watch this short, five minute film, and then give us your interpretation
as a cool and creepy creation. Use any medium, any images,
just make sure it's creepy and directly influence by this fun little video.

Wanna see how some of the Minions brought this film to their art?

Contagion of Corruption - Croms
Fabulous black and white zentangle creation. 

New image in the Delicious Doodles shop inspired by the film.

 Devilishly Deviant Donna
Anyone care for a lick of this blood-cicle?

Fun journal page with images drawn from the film.
And truer words were never spoken.

How's that for inspiration?
Please enter your film inspired creation here.
We are looking forward to seeing what goes on inside your head.  


And we have some winnahs!!

One thing we are super bad at doing down here in the dungeon
is choosing winners for our challenges.

Time for some Gruesome Twosome catch up.

The Gruesome Twosome for our Eerie Inspiration challenge:


The GTs for our Alien Abduction challenge are:


Unable to upload a photo, but worth clicking the link to see!

The GTs for our Deja-Vu Doo challenge are:


disturbia 002 (800x800)

And finally, the GTs for the Ferocious Furballs challenge:


the beast 001 (800x800)

Whew! What an amazing display of creative, and wonderfully weird, dark art!
The Minions were just mumbling something about having the best challenge
entries in the crafting world just the other day. 
(Zombie) hands down.
 No cookie cutter, cutesy schtuff here. 
Only uniquely creative types need apply.

Thank you to everyone who plays along with us every challenge. 
And to those who play when they can. It warms our cold, black hearts 
that you choose to share your creepy and cool makes with us.
Please choose your Gruesome Twosome badge and display it proudly!!  


Macabre Monday: I Scream for Ice cream!

Got a little tied up in the dungeon yesterday, 
but I am ready to announce the new challenge theme.
Are you ready? 

Now we ask that you create something that is directly inspired
by this incredibly sweet little film.
Remember to keep it on the creepier side. No cute stuff, please.

Let's see how the Minions interpreted this film into their work.

Fantasmagorical Fiona 

Devious Digital Demoness Susan

So what do you think? Are you up for the challenge?


Ferocious Furballs week 2

Ferocious Furballs
is the challenge theme for week 2 of Macabre Monday.
Interpret it any way you'd like,
just make sure an animal of some sort, is involved in some way.
Maybe use a gruesome guinea pig, or some wicked waterfowl
as your inspiration. Who knows, maybe a macabre muskrat
and a catatonic coon hound are more to your liking.
Make it weird, wacky, scary or clinical.
Just don't make it cute!!

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo

And please help me in giving Susan a warm welcome (back) to the dungeon.
It's been about a three year hiatus, but the motto of the dungeon is:
"Once a Minion, always a Minion". 

Devious Digital Demoness Susan

So now might be a good time to dust off those cute animal stamps and
make something dark and scary with them. Or not.

We'd love for you to join us for our Ferocious Furball challenge.
Enter your fuzzy makes here.


Macabre Monday: Ferocious Furballs

Welcome to the Haunted Design House!
Today marks the beginning of a new challenge theme for our
bi-monthly Macabre Monday challenge.

Ferocious Furballs
is the new challenge theme. Interpret it any way you'd like,
just make sure an animal of some sort, is involved in some way.
Maybe use a gruesome guinea pig, or some wicked waterfowl
as your inspiration. Who knows, maybe a macabre muskrat
and a catatonic coon hound are more to your liking.
Make it weird, wacky, scary or clinical.
Just don't make it cute!!

Check out what the Minions did:

Teri came up with this terrifying Aye Aye, which is also 
available (or will be there soon) in her Delicious Darkness digi shop.

Gorgeous textures and  techniques on this handsome display.

Striking hand casted bird skull centerpiece!

Far from clean and simple, but straight and to the point, is more like it.
Kind of fun in a twisted and wicked way. 
We like that kind of thing around here. 

  If you're not inspired by this bunch, I'm not sure anyone can help you!  

Please join us for this "animal friendly" challenge.


Macabre Monday Deja-Vu Doo week deux

Welcome back for the second week of the
Macabre Monday Deja-Vu Doo challenge

That's right, you have another week to play along with us.
We're looking for a new project featuring a previously used technique,
supply, idea, whatever, and use it in a new, creative way. 
Here's what I did. 
I previously made this box:
An altered paper mache box with feet.

And this time, I made this box: 
Altered wooden, coffin shaped box, with feet.

Get the idea we're after here?

How about what 

Previous project
 An altered papier mache skull

And this time
 A metallic steampunk altered papier mache skull

I hope today's inspiration pieces have helped to coax
your mojo out of hibernation. 
C'mon! Play with us!


Macabre Monday Deja-Vu Doo

This is the final Monday of July.
Where the hell did this month go?

No matter, we have a new challenge for you.
Deja-Vu Doo.
The idea for this theme is to reuse a previous image, technique, paper, etc... 
that you have used recently, but in a new way.
It will be necessary to explain your reused object or idea, in your blog post. 

Check out what the incredibly talented Minions have made for this theme.


Put your thinking caps on and make something awesome!