The time has come . . .

WOW! So many fabulous entries for our October challenge, and absolutely no sickeningly sweet and cute ones - I'm so proud of you guys! Throughout the year, while we've been admiring all your lusciously macabre makes, we've also been keeping a tally of who got how many votes for how many projects. The dungeon walls have been dripping in blood as we've made notes, mentioned our favourites and drooled over the ones we most loved. After a lot of counting and discussion, and including the October entries, we are so very pleased to announce that our overall winner for the year is 
Your projects have constantly amazed us, and we're delighted to confer upon you the title of "Macabre Masterpiece Maker", along with your very own badge. You also get a bunch of goodies specially selected by our grubby Minion paws, and if you let us have your address, we'll send them all via flying monkey. Or, you know, a local postal service ;)
As a special thank you to everyone who entered the October challenge, we'd love it if you all took our October badge and displayed it on your blogs.

And now we come to the sad, serious part of the post. The Minions are tired. We have LOVED working here in the dungeon, and it has been an absolute honour, but the time has come for us to take a long break. Possibly permanent, but we'll never say never. Maybe once we've all holed up and recharged our creep-juices, we'll be back, but, at least for the foreseeable future, the HDH Macabre Monday challenges will be no more. Thank you so much to every single one of you that has danced on the dark side with us, but the music has stopped. We send out messages of creepy love and darkly delicious well-wishes.
Goodbye, The Minions.


Holy Hell it's Halloween part 2

Our theme for this month is simply (grotesque, macabre and creepy) Halloween, but remember that we don't do cute and cuddly here. We want only your freakiest, most macabre and gothic creations. So don;t enter any cutesy pumpkin stuff or you will be removed and haunted by the demons that live in the dungeon, there will be no where to hide.........

The second inspiration post today with some nice projects from the Minions and our guest in the Dungeon Marilyn Girling.

Temptress of Terror Teri made an awesome coffin

Manical Mother of Mayhem Mo made a Halloween Shrine

Seriously Sick Susan did a Halloween portrait

And Marilyn Girling our special guest gruesome made these awsome works of art

The Minions choose the Gruesome Twosome from the entries of our September challenge


Take your winner badges below and wear it with pride


Holy Hell, it's Halloween!

Yay, it's October, and for the Minions that means Halloween celebrations. Our theme for this month is simply (grotesque, macabre and creepy) Halloween, but remember that we don't do cute and cuddly here. We want only your freakiest, most macabre and gothic creations.  We do tend to get interlopers entering here with cute pumpkin cartoons because they see Halloween and assume we have the same rules as everywhere else. The Minions will mutter curses over any unsuitable entries, so beware! And now we have our inspiration pieces.

I'm not sure what's happening with the linky this month - if it isn't here when you enter, just leave a comment with a link. (OOps  it was a bit late) There's no random number generator winners here anyway, the Minions look at every entry and vote on their favourites, so it doesn't matter where you leave your entry. Remember, you can enter up to three times a month, but if your entry doesn't follow our rules, we reserve the right to delete it. So, let's see your macabre masterpieces, and Happy Halloween to all!


Thr nights are drawing in.... part 2

Halloween is only 6 weeks away and the minions are preparing for the spookiest time of the year, days get shorter, the dungeon get colder and the dark is winning time to play and scare you.......the nights are drawing in.....

as always interpret anyway you like as long as it is scary, no cute allowed

here is some more inspiration for you from

Creepy Glowbug Cadaverous Concoctor of Chaos made an awesome shadow box with lots of tiny treasures

and Mo Maniacal Mother of Mayhem altered  a thimble and made a matching giftbox for it

Hope we see your entries soon here, as you know the winners get invited to play in the Dungeon...

The Gruesome Twosome of last month are:


Please contact Mo here if you'd like some scary playtime in the Dungeon , and take your winner badge to put on your bloggie


The nights are drawing in . . .

It's September, and that means Halloween is fast approaching! Are you ready? We Minions can't wait. But before we get there. we have September's challenge to share with you, and this month's theme is "The Nights Are Drawing In"
As always, feel free to interpret that in any way your gruesome minds desire. We've been joined in the dungeon by Teresa, who was one of the Gruesome Twosome for July. We'll be announcing last month's winners on the 21st September, along with extra inspiration, so check back then.

You know how it works - share your creations on this month's theme, but keep it macabre and creepy, not light and sweet. Thanks for playing - you guys ROCK!


Fur and Feathers, Tooth and Claw, Take Two, and July winners

We're so sorry this post is a day late - the Minions all get cranky in August - it's been so long since last year's Halloween that we get a bit crotchety and fractious, and deadlines fly out the window. This month, we'd like to see your take on our "Fur and Feathers, Tooth and Claw" challenge. As always, it's open to your own interpretation, just keep it dark and creepy. 

This month, we've been joined by An English Lady, who created this wondrous piece. 

We also rounded up the votes for last month's Rock and Roll winners. Thanks so much to everyone that entered the challenge, your pieces really made us happy. The Gruesome Twosome for the Rock and Roll challenge are 
Take your badge and wear it with pride, and if you'd like to play along with us for the next challenge, please email Mo for details. She's away from the Dungeon at the moment though, so please be patient.


Fur and feathers, tooth and claw

How in hell did we get to August already? Thank you all VERY much for your entries in our last musically-inspired challenge. As always, you did an amazing job, and we'll be choosing our favourites and drooling over all the awesome creations. The winners will be announced in the next post in two weeks' time.
For this month, the theme is "Fur and Feathers, Tooth and Claw" and you are free to interpret that in any way your twisted mind desires. We have a few inspiration pieces for you just now, but check back later in the month and we'll have even more for you.

Remember to keep it dark and creepy, not cute and girly, and link up your pieces below. The rules are on the sidebar, but keeping it macabre is the important one. Have fun!

An InLinkz Link-up


I love Rock'n Roll and winners

This month's challenge is all about music and songs. 
Pick a tune and get inspired. Use the lyrics, or the music, or even the video if you're so inclined. Remember to keep it dark and creepy. 

Laila , who was a Gruesome Twosome again was inspired by the
Iron Maiden song, "Holy Smoke".
Thanks Laila, for another awesome piece of inspiration!

   Ike - Imp of Insanity
inspired by "Hey You" by Pink Floyd

Teri -Temptress of Terror
inspired by "Is God Dead?" by Black Sabbath

Mo - Maniacal Mother of Mayhem
inspired by "Can I Play with Madness?" by Iron Maiden
(image used with permission from silverwingsltd)

The Gruesome Twosome for the June Bug challenge are 

An English Lady and Ellapu
please grab your winners badge and show it of to the rest of the world, and you are both invited to play in the Dungeon, you can contact Mofor details here

You can find the link for the current challenge  here


I love rock & roll!

Can you believe we're already in July? Time flies when you spend it being creepy and macabre! This month's challenge is all about music and songs. Pick a tune and get inspired. Use the lyrics, or the music, or even the video if you're so inclined. Remember to keep it dark and creepy - if the only tune you know is "Sunshine & Lollipops", you better create something from the viewpoint of a diabetic vampire :P Please let us know which tune you've chosen and how it inspired your creation.

Here are some inspiration pieces, created by the Minions and last month's winners. 

Inspired by Blood Pig by Otep

Remember you can enter up to three macabre creations each month, and you have until the 2nd of August to enter.


June bugs part 2

We're back with our secon post for the June challenge, and this month's theme is
"June-bugs, gems and gewgaws" 
 so we'd like you to feature insects/bugs (moths, spiders and creep-crawlies are also ok), OR gems and jewels, OR gewgaws in your creations this month. (A gewgaw is something showy and flamboyant that has little or no intrinsic value but serves a decorative purpose.) And remember to keep it creepy, dark or macabre - we don't want cute and sparkly butterflies here! Thank you all very much for the wonderful entries to our May challenge, you all have given the Minions a hard time deciding, but after a long fight debate we are proud to announce our Gruesome  Twosomes for the May challenge

#5 Teresa Morgan


# 18 Laila aka Koneko

Ladies if you wanna have a play again in the Dungeon, contact me here
and grab your winnersbadge to wear on your blogs

For this months inspiration we had two guests coming over to play with us, and they made some awesome creepy bugs. So here our two guest Minions

Laila Anesland, she made the most awesome real looking bugs

and  Carol Nazar and she made this gorgeous looking spidey

Teri Temptress of Terror made this awesome bee

 Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo made an altered tray, Finnabair inspired

add your entries here, remember no cutsey stuff