Naughty Corner part 2, extra naughty :-P

Again some naughty inspiration from the Minions, no problem getting projects in for this challenge, naughty is most of the Minions middle name.....

So here the reminder post and the announcement of the Gruesom Twosomes, who will be welcomed as Gruesome Guest designer in the Dungeon AND will be the only 2 people in the world that are allowed to wear this badge on their blog, earned for making Macabre Masterpieces, 

Grusome Twosomes are:

Contact Mo here for details on the Gruesome Guest Design spot

Ok you know us Minions, we like to keep  things on the edge, so here it goes for inspiration sake

Imp of Insanity Ike  went for corners, check out this bloody awesome card

 Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo went for naughty, naughty, ok visitors below 18, cover your eyes....

 just to keep everything organized in the Dungeon............an altered box

Devishly Deviant Donna went for corners as well, altering  the front of a lovely candle box.

Can't wait to see how naughty you all can go, keep them projects coming and remember, try to make it creepy, bloody or real naughty, no sweetness allowed, you can add your project to mr Linky  here


The Naughty Corner

It's March, and that means that it's time for a new Monthly Macabre Monday. YAY! Now, here in the dungeon, the Naughty Corner is always full of misbehaving Minions, so we chose that as the theme for this month's challenge. What does it mean in practical terms? You can either make a naughty project, or a project about someone or something who's been misbehaving or create something with corners, or decorate the corners. We LOVE to see all the different interpretations that people come up with. The Minions' two favourite creations get to display the March Macabre Masterpiece badge Remember, the person who gets the most badges by the end of the year will receive a glorious prize from the Minions, AND if you win one of the monthly challenges, you get a chance to be a Gruesome Guest Designer for the next challenge.
Speaking of Gruesome Guest Designers, this month we've been joined by Teresa and Laila this month, as their projects were the ones that most wowed the Minions in the January challenge. Thanks very much to both of you for the fabulous projects you've given to inspire us with this challenge.

and on the inside

Menace Of The Monstrous Mark

So now we've shown you ours, won't you show us yours? You have until April 5th to play along and can enter up to 3 marvellously macabre makes.

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It's a Love/hate thing and the Gruesome twosomes

Here some more LOVE/HATE  inspiration from the Minions, they were allowed off their chains just long enough to create you some creepy projects.  You all know we Minions are allergic to cute, pink and fluffy so please don't enter traditional Valentines stuff in the Love/Hate challenge, just make it bloody, scary, gothic, creepy, twisted and dark. Trust me you don't want to risk being haunted by the Minions for entering traditional "nice"Valentine projects.......let's keep things creepy OK?

This was what the Minions came up with this time....

Creepy Glowbugg decided it was time to change this little Cupid into something amazingly devlish 

 this is much better if you ask me ...... 

Temptress of Terror Teri created an awesome digital piece,......or should I say Dish......

think this picture made you all hungry...it did make the Minions drool.

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo altered a plastic frame and a broken heart of glass into this

Spreader of Sickness Susan is pretending to be nice on he inside, but the Minions aren't convinced.

You can enter your project here.

After being punished for not choosing the winners last time, we all learned our lesson (we are still healing from the whiplashes, so how can we forget), so perfectly on time, we are proud to announce our Gruesome Twosome and their Macabre Masterpieces for the "What's new pussycat "challenge of  January (some more important info you don't want to miss below the winners, so hang in there and keep on reading)

Congrats Laila aka Koneko with the wonderful creepy card below
and Teresa with her awesome Pandora's  Box
Both are true Macabre Masterpieces.

Now the cool part of being a Gruesome Twosome (actually there are 2 cool parts)  first is you both get to wear the  pretty badge below on your blog to brag about being a winner in the Dungeon by creating a Macabre Masterpiece .....

AND......you guys are invited to be a Guest Minion to make an inspirational project for next month challenge at Haunted Design House (Now how cool is that huh?).

For information contact Mo here

Remember we have monthly challenges now and every month the Minions will choose 2 Macabre Masterpieces and their creator will be Gruesome Twosomes and deserve a GDT spot in the Dark Cold Dungeon. Who has earned the most Macabre Masterpiece badges this year will get a prize donated by each Minion......so keep your scary stuff coming...........


February - It's a love/hate thing!

Yup, it's February again, and you know what that means, right? The entire rest of the world goes ga-ga over love and sweetness and pink and cherubs. Frankly, we in the Dungeon are too twisted and dark to put up with that malarkey, so instead our February challenge is
It's A Love/Hate Thing
This means that you can make it about love or hate, OR use something you love, or something you hate. We're always open to interpretation, but PLEASE nothing sweet and insipid or we'll have to burn it. Seriously. No traditionally "nice" Valentine cards, ok? Make it gothic, make it creepy, make it beautifully twisted and dark and you'll receive so much Minion love that you'll need to get checked out for communicable diseases. Remember, we're now monthly and you can enter up to three macabre creations each month.
The Minions have been busy creating pieces for your pleasure and inspiration, so without further ado, here they are. First up,


So come and join the fun. You can make it about love in the first two weeks, when the world is full of hope and possibilities, and turn to hate at the end of the month, once you're sick to death of all the Valentine's crap that will be everywhere. Or the other way round, lol, we really don't mind how your muse strikes you, as long as it's not sweet and pretty and nausea-inducing.


What's new, pussycat? Midway reminder

We thought we'd bring you some more inspiration for our 
What's new, pussycat? 
challenge. Remember the theme will always be open to interpretation - you can use a new technique, or some new stash, or make it about cats, OR any kind of "new" theme. New moon, new start, new year, newly dead, new anything at all. You can link your creations HERE (or just scroll down to the next post) and you have until the 1st of Feb to enter. And now for some inspiration from the Minions!
A wonderful kitty and (I think) a new stamp from Teri.

A new technique for Mo, and I don't even know what this is called, but check out her blog for details

Spreader of Sickness Susan
I've also gone for cats, and the newly undead.

And we have some long-overdue winners to announce - the Gruesome Twosome from last year! We had some amazing entries throughout the year, and we'd really like to thank you all for playing along with us and sharing your creeptastic creations. So, after much Ooooh-ing and Aaaah-ing, the Gruesome Twosomes are:

Hellacious Halloween


Ancient Evil

You WOOD do that!

Congratulations to all of you, please display your Gruesome Twosome badge with pride.


We're ba-ack!

Oh yes, the Minions are back, and it's been getting a bit fetid in the dungeon, so we're all itching to get out and share our creations. Are you ready to celebrate the macabre with us again? The Minions have created some AMAZING creations to inspire you, but before we get on to that, we have a few changes to announce. We're now going to be running just one challenge a month, starting on the first Monday of every month and running until just before the next month's challenge.
Monthly Macabre Mondays, because we do love a bit of alliteration. 
We're not going to have any sponsors, but the Minions will pick their favourite Macabre Masterpiece from the entries each month, and that person will receive a unique badge. At the end of the year, the person who has won the most badges will be lauded as the greatest mortal in the land and will receive a selection of gifts from the Minions in recognition of your work. The challenges will be relatively open to interpretation, so we're going to limit each person to 3 entries per challenge.
Show us your most gothic, macabre, twisted creations and revel in the dark side of crafting. 
You can link with as many other challenges as you like, you can use any medium you like and you can make it as horrific as your evil little heart desires. All we will say on the question of style is that cute and sweet and nice are not what we're about. We're here to celebrate your inner demons, NOT to sweet-talk your inner cherubs :P
Our first challenge of the year is "What's new, pussycat?"
You can use new stash, or a new technique, or cats, or focus on something that's "new" New year, new moon, newly dead, new fears, new passions. We told you they were going to be open to interpretation! The Minions' favourite will be announced on the third Monday in February and the creator will be allowed to display this badge with pride.

And now we have some creations by the Minions to inspire and delight.

A tree of life for a new home, using a new glue gun.

The newly dead, and cats, using new stash.

A self-help book for the newly undead. (A perfect gift for the recently zombified!)

A new technique for Mo (stamping on tissue, then decoupaged onto wood)

Another new technique for Ike (stamping on clay)

New artist and new kit used here.

Creepy Glowbugg

New stamp and new various sparkly goodies.

So, now you've seen what the Minions have done, won't you come and play along? We'd love to have you join us and spread the creep around a little! Come back on the third Monday of each month  for more inspiration from the Minions and to find out the winner of the previous challenge.


Hellacious Hallowe'en Week 2

Welcome back for week 2 (and BTW, the last challenge of the year for the Minions)
Hellacious Hallowe'en (Hadults Honly)
You know how we love Halloween here, and this fortnight we're looking for Halloween-themed projects this time around.
Pretty much anything Halloween
but absolutely nothing cute or child-friendly.
That means

NO cute stuff, please. 
We can't stomach that stuff down here in the DUNGEON..
we minions need our fix of fiendish Hallowe'en fun..

We also tend to go into hibernation after the
Most Wonderful Night of the Year,
needing to rest up and refuel for another 10 months of mayhem and debauchery starting again in January 2015.
Check out what the rest of the Minions did.

Devilishly Deviant Donna