Stephen King Knightmare week 2

When you think of Stephen King, what comes to mind?
Rabid St. Bernards, scary old clowns, vampires, The Overlook Hotel, 
girls with telekinetic powers, ghosts? How about a creepy 
hospital with a giant anteater roaming the halls? 
Maybe even a '58 Plymouth Fury, named Christine?
No matter what you think of Mister King, he has been both prolific, 
and ground breaking, in the horror genre.

Our second week of Stephen King Knightmares has now begun.
Please share your version of a Stephen King title (film, tv, or book) with us.
If it isn't obvious, please let us know which title you have chosen 
as your muse.

Now let's see what the Minions' Knightmares look like, shall we?

Creepy Cricut Cween Donna

Stephen King Challenge     

Contagion of Corrosion Croms

wmrosemadder canvas
Rose Madder

Freak Of The Formidable Fiona

HDH Stephen King

Cadaverous Concoctor of Chaos

Cat's Eye

Now you have all week to come up with something Knightmarish, 
based on the works of Mister Stephen King. 
Enter your creations here


KristyLee said…
Wow, all you DTs did such a good job on creating something for Stephen King, love all you guys projects!
Wendy said…
I was wondering who won the Octopode Factory gift certificate for challenge #165? Okay, really just hoping it is me, lol! Did I miss the announcement?

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