Oh my gourd!!! WW inspiration

Well, another Wednesday has crept up on me, and caught me a little behind.
Nothing has gone as planned this week, especially my gourd project.
With it still being a little early in the season for pumpkins, I decided to use
a faux pumpkin for my project. I've had some for a few years and never got
around to actually carving them, but the monkeys at Mike's do it every year
for their check out counter lights and displays, so how hard can it be?
I watched a few videos with helpful hints and tips for a successful
fake pumpkin carving experience. I decided the easiest and fastest  
way was to use a Dremel. I think the key here is to use the correct bit.
I did not use the correct bit. I gave up immediately after the incorrect bit caught the
foam of the pumpkin and ripped a big plug of faux punkin foam out of my design.
Boo on power tools.
I ended up using the little saw they provide in the kit, a nail file, an X-acto knife,
a bastard file, and finally a rat tail file. Now doesn't all that sound so much easier
than carving a real pumpkin?!
No, no it doesn't.  
The actual kit is quite simple to use on the pumpkin once you have
carved it to your liking. Or to your disliking. I went with a very simple
design even though I really wanted to show off like Donna and Lady B.
They both went in the professionally finished and insanely detailed route,
which worked for them quite nicely.
I hung my pumpkin rather high so the neighborhood delinquents would have to
work really hard to give this guy a roundhouse kick or use it as a punching bag.
Don't even tempt them...     

And then the piece de resistance, I didn't have a freaking fake tea light
on hand except for a purple Hello Kitty one that was pretty weak.
Anyhoo, the Floating Pumpkin kit is pretty cool and would be great if
you hung a bunch in a display or from your trees. Very simple to use
and gives a great effect to your Hallowe'en displays.   
Since I wasn't feeling I had performed to my full potential this week,
I made an ATC using Andrea's awesome pumpkin digi and
few weeks ago. I used a Memory Box "Spooky collage" stamp
over the Copic colored pumpkin and added some distress inks,
a sticker, and a couple of rhinestones to finish it off. 
I may have redeemed myself.
Oh! And I'm not the only one with a Wednesday project to share.
pumpity pumpkin
Killer clay work and paint job! LOVE the stitched mouth!!
This little Pumpkinhead cutie is now available at
Delicious Doodles. Teri is offering a special deal
if you'd like to have all 10 of the new Halloweenies line. 
Drop by her shop and check them out! 
HDH 151 Oh My Gourd
Awesome image! The perfect pumpkin if you ask me.
gourd both
Fabulously gourdgeous tag and ATC! 
It's nice to have some mid week company here in the dungeon. 
And how's that for inspiration?
Now for the real reason you are still hanging about...
the Gruesome Twosome!!! 
Last week's challenge really did challenge you guys didn't it?
Bare Bones was a hard one for most of us, but some of you were
really in your zone.
Congratulations to
So elegant and classy.

I am a sucker for an altered image like that bunny pinata,
with his guts kinda hangin' out. Nicely done.

Please grab your badge and display it proudly.

 Thank you to everyone who took the challenge last week.
We had a lot of really good eye candy to choose from. It keeps getting harder
and harder to choose every week.
We can't wait to see your pumpkin inspired projects for this week's
Oh My Gourd!! challenge.


Wicked selection of pumpkin projects. I felt your pain with the "faux" pumpkin, mine ended up in the bin!

Thanks for making me one of the "Gruesome Twosome" will wear my badge with pride. x
ike said…
The faux pumpkin turned out well in the end :-) I don't think I will be hunting those out though LoL Fabulous ATC - just amazing :-) xxxxxxxxxx
Julie S said…
The pinata card is hilarious and Andrea's pumpkin is killer.
CarlaKH said…
yay! thanks for the shout out! Now I am off to find something for this challenge...
Jenn Borjeson said…
AWESOME stuff today!!!! Glo, your stories always make me laugh. :)
KristyLee said…
OMG I am so freaking loving all of these creations so wicked cool!! You all ROCK!!
Fabulous, fabulous and more fabulous! Your floaty purple skully is adorable!
I LOVE getting your updates!
Vee Cassidy said…
Some amazing work by the Design Team speechless at the talent. Vee xx
~Lady B~ said…
Your pumpkin turned out fine in the end. Good for you for sticking with the thing rather than foot stomping it for not cooperating. May I suggest a dremel or other rotary tool or a wood burning kit with an exacto blade attachment for future foam pumpkins? It will make your life MUCH easier. Fabulous ATC...totally rocks!

Congrats to the gruesome twosome!
~Lady B~ said…
LOL...I just read about your Dremel experience. Sux :( I still love your creations :)

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