HDH-126 Grimm's Grimmest

Running a bit behind this week.
Better late than never.

This week's challenge is to find inspiration in one of
the Brother's Grimm fairy tales. There are well over 200 tales
of strangeness, murder, intrigue, and superstition to choose from.
Disney apparently took his signature move from the original stories
of killing off the mothers in the first paragraph, as told by the Grimms.
Then the evil step mother and her unattractive and ill behaved offspring
arrive to ruin the life of the sweet, and innocent maiden.
Three drops of blood also seem to be a theme in more than one of
the Grimm stories, although I only recall the specific in Snow White. 

I went with an oldy, but a goody (aren't they all?),

Hansel and Gretel

That old witch has no idea what she's in for! 

I used Bowtie and Karin from Stampotique to
represent those kooky kids in the story. 
I colored them up in bright, candy colors and Stickled the
begeezus out of the old shack to make it pretty to the

Little does the old crone know that the kids have
other plans for their dining pleasure.
More of a "meat tooth"  to satisfy, if you will.
I popped the fence up on foam dots to give it dimension and an
unintentional wonkiness that totally works. I added rhinestones to the
MS punched fence, and some candy border stickers to finish  this off.

Andrea also went with a reoccurring theme,

wolf protection spell brothers grimm
Who didn't need a wolf protection spell back then?
The incredible wolf image is available in Ike's Art digi shop.

There is still time to enter our challenge if you can make the time.
We are sponsored by Ike's Art, and she is offering up a fabulous set
of Alice in Wonderland digis seen here.

Oh and did you hear?
We are having a DT call for our
Macabre Monday challenge team!
C'mon, you know you wanna be a Minion!
You can find out all of the details here.   

I'll be back later with the GT  from last week.
Sorry for the delay! 


LisaVeronica said…
haha so cool! fab work! =D
Star said…
These are fabulous! I especially love the skull ground on the first card.
Glo and Andrea, both awesome works of art. As usual
Still working on my piece. How to chose just one? lol
DonnaMundinger said…
FABULOUS, ladies! Cracking up at Hansel and Gretel and am checking my candle supply as we speak. xxD

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