HDH116 - Chic Freaks

*Please see the sidebar for HDH Macabre Monday Rules*
(Note: entries not following the guidelines are not eligible for prizes or badges)

Ok, macabre fans... your challenge this week:

"Chic Freaks"

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that includes a chic freak or a freakishly chic theme. Get your freak on... in a chic way.

Wasn't there a song from the 70's, "Le Freak" by Chic?  Yes... yes there was.  HERE is the proof.  Sorry, tangent... something shiny.  This song has absolutely nothing to do with this challenge.  You were just given a glimpse into the mind of The Mistress... scarier than any horror movie, huh?

Our awesome HDH stalkers are in for a treat this week, because we are being sponsored by:

Home of the awesomeness that IS Daniel Torrente's art stamps!  Now don't get us wrong, there are some other fantastic stamps at Stampotique, but there is a special little dark spot in our hearts here at HDH that is reserved for Torrente images :)

Here is a little bit about Stampotique:
"STAMPOTIQUE Fine Art Stamps began June 1, 1996, in Phoenix, Arizona, out of the love for rubber stamping and papercrafting. We began as a fine art rubber stamp store and in January 2000, began manufacturing our own rubber stamps. We now ship all over the world, although remaining a ‘mom and pop’ business so that we can still offer full attention to each and every order.
On November 17, 2007, the retail store closed its doors in order to allow us to concentrate on our growing website, both retail and wholesale.
We hope you will find our site inspirational and continue to revisit at your leisure. Our intention is to continuously update with new images, new samples and all the latest and greatest ‘must haves’ of the industry."
Stampotique has quite generously sponsored this week's challenge with a $30 gift certificate to their online store!!  Makes me wish I was able to participate in the challenge myself ;)

Check out what the Macabre Minions have created for your viewing pleasure:

Sultana of the Sinister Lynx:

Creepy Cricut Cween Donna:

Agent of the Abominable Andrea:

Our Devious Digital Demoness Susan
is still out with a few broken bones... send her a little healing vibe, would ya'?

Temptress of Terror Teri:
Teri is doin' her own thing today... so be sure to check her blog for something fab!

Imp of Insanity Ike:

Cadaverous Concoctor of Chaos Creepy Glowbugg:
will post on Wretched Wednesday, so tune in!

And I,
The Masterful Mistress of the Macabre
will be posting my bit o' freakishness later this week!
Now, let's see you Get your Freak on... in a chic way.


ike said…
Oooops - Shell seems to have linked herself back to us so can't comment on hers !!!! :-(
Jenn Borjeson said…
Thank you for another AWESOME challenge. You guys rock. Love all of your projects, too, you're so inspiring. :)
Wendy said…
great challenge - love and was inspired by the DT samples and would love to win the Daniel Torrente images!
KC said…
awwe man 5 min late!
oh well...great work by the DT as always!
Shelley said…
lol just proves how with it I was when I did that!! I know it's too late now but if you wanted to see what I tried to link the first time here it is http://happycraftings.blogspot.com/2012/01/imperfectly-perfect.html

I will be tuned in tomorrow and hopefully will do a better job of it *chuckles at herself*


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