Pumpkinhead and a documented fail

Well I am usually not one to take photographic evidence
of one of my failed craft projects. I usually just can it and
act as if it never happened.
This one is more of a cautionary tale because I don't want
others to make the same mistakes and experience the same
frustration without proper warning.

I was at Michael's last year around this time, and picked up
a couple of those "do it yourself" vinyl toy kits.
One a Frankenstein, and the other, a Pumpkinhead.
"Perfect!", thought I, as I struggled with this week's MM challenge.

The kit comes with stickers and permanent markers. I decided to
fore go the included cheapo markers and use my awesome Copics!
Epic fail for me. Boo.
The markers stayed tacky and then once I started using the black marker
it was all down hill from there.

In frustration, I sprayed the figure with alcohol and watched it melt.

Totally stained from the Copics, I decided to try and paint the figure
with acrylic paints. LOTS of coats of acrylic paint.
No more failed photos taken at this point, but it looks better
than the Copic catastrophe.

So I opted for clay.      

The mighty Pumpkinhead sits amongst the
debris of his anger and hungers for revenge! 

I don't know how he actually kills, as he has no arms
or a mouth, but I'm spent this week.
You figure it out.

Have a spooky weekend!!!
See ya on Monday!!! 


DonnaMundinger said…
OOOOhhh,NNNOOOOO!!!!! What a bummer! Hmmm, that must have been devastating! I never saw those cute toys at M's. Well, your original clay creation is just way FAB. You blow the pants off of the pre-fab version. Great staging too. xxD
Unknown said…
LOL! That sort of thing happens to me a LOT but I never have the guts to take photographic evidence - I thought your tale was great and truly in the spirit of Hallowe'en as the giant Pumpkinhead melts :) Loved your clay work x
Gina said…
Haha!So fun that you shared this fail...nice to let people know we're nearly human haha!
Fantastic job with the clay though :D XXX
Chelsea said…
Love the clay pumpkin!
Susan said…
I have a epic fail i will be sharing on monday the last day of the "31 days of halloween"
in the meantime, OMG!OMG!OMG! that clay Pumpkin is totally menacing looking I soooo love it!
Great job Glo!
Allison said…
loving the end result
sammi said…
LOL great story! Sorry about your issues and frustration but the end result is awesome!!!!
Amy* said…
He must shoot daggers from his eyes...if looks could kill right? You did an amazing job of turning fail into fab :) Thanks for sharing this post made me smile today. Happy Halloween!!
Christina Hicks said…
That clay version is awesome and way way better than the vinyl!!
Maria Stanley said…
That's hysterical! Thanks for have the guts to show your fail. I always feel like it's just me that has this awesome idea only for it to fall flat on it's a**. I love the clay! It rocks!

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