Countdown to Halloween!!!

October 1st.  That's right folks... it's officially THAT time of year!  And though this blog is Halloween all-year-round, it is time to kick it up a notch!  Haunted Design House is proud to be a 2011 CryptKeeper participant at the Countdown to Halloween site:

Just click on the badge above to be taken to a HUGE list of houses (blogs) at which you can go trick-or-treating or play ding-dong-ditch... your call!  Arts, crafts, factoids, photos, stories, lore... you just never know what the CryptKeepers will be doling out!

This will be going on ALL MONTH LONG!

Sooooo, what have I got for you today?  Well, since Make it Crafty is our Macabre Monday challenge sponsor this week, I thought I'd show off a couple of cards.  The first is what I call the "normal" version... the second is MUCH more HDH style:

(click to enlarge)
 I used MIC's Forest Flower & Alyssa Elven Princess digi's.

I know!  TOTALLY un-Halloweenie or creepy in the least.  My bad.  Creepy Glowbugg DID ask me what the hell I was thinking when I chose these two images for a Halloween blog challenge.  After a few choice words by me... many containing the letter "F"... or maybe it was just one word repeated several times... I chose to show how to make something sweet into something slightly sinister:

  MUCH better, right?!  Kinda like an elven vampire fairy?  Her lips got completely out of hand, but I wasn't going to start over at that point!  So instead, I'll show a close-up of the cute 'shrooms.

Yeah... I know... return of the "Barbi-dots"... that's just how I roll.

That's it for today, kids... but check back often here at Haunted Design House, as well as at all the other 2011 CryptKeepers' blogs, throughout the month for more Halloween happenings!


Andrea C said…
The best month of the year. Love the blood red card very cool and the other one rocks too xx
Jenn Borjeson said…
Totally awesome - LOVE how you showed the 2 versions, so cool. I love this month, Halloween is my favorite. :) Thanks for keeping us so entertained. xo
Anonymous said…
Super cute card!!! I love it!
BrigitteG said…
oh?? where is my comment ?? anyway... was saying...the vampire fairy card totally rrrocks !! well done Barb !!
Lisa T said…
Very cool! No one does creepy and cool like you do. :)
DonnaMundinger said…
Yeah, I was wondering about those images too. LOVE how you creeped her up! Fabulous, Barb! xxD
ike said…
WoW - love both pikkies - the colouring is awesome, but much prefer the red one :-D
Ike xxx

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