SBS Summer Zombie Previews - Betty

DISCLAIMER This is one bright-ass card.  I'm just sayin'.
It is so sunshiney, that my skin is starting to blister just looking at it :)  

I have crawled so far out of my box, that I may never find my way back... the one saving grace is that the card has a zombie on it.  :)  Otherwise you might have thought some sweet & cheery people went all willy-nilly with the HDH blog and had the Minions and I tucked away in the dungeon, right?

Sorry... tangent... on to the Summer Zombie Betty preview!

I know, right?  I must say that the iced brain cream cone is pretty awesome.

I went with the bright green, Frankenstein-esque skin tone for this one.  And that is one brassy bleach job she had done... just sayin'.

Wanna see some more Summer Zombie Betty?  Pop on over to the Simply Betty Stamps Blog for photos and links.  And don't forget that there will be two more Summer Zombies to go & Friday is Release Day, where you'll be able to get your mitts on these zombies yourself!


Andrea C said…
Hehe whats with all the summery colours with Zombies. Looks brilliant x
Crafty Lynz said…
Awesome image!!! love the zombie brain cone! x
DonnaMundinger said…
Holy crap! My eyeballs are burning! LOL Pretty darn cute but the bwains cone is pretty damn creepy! EEEWWWW!!!!xxD
Star said…
Fabulous card! Disgusting brains. LOL Great job, even if it is bright and cheery. =D
Carol W. said…
LOL...I thought zombies prefered the dark LOL

This card IS very BRIGHT and beautiful TFS
Cindy Beland said…
Hahaha love it, love it, love it!!!

I think you must have spring fever, it makes people bright and sunney lol

Fiona. x

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