Winners and Gruesome Twosomes and wonderful schtuff like that!

If you are one of the winners, be sure to grab the Gruesome Twosome badge and link back here... display it with pride, my pretties :)

HDH07i - Bizarre Birthday Gruesome Twosome: 
Crystal for her wonderful depiction of Audrey II, and Teri for her lusciously dark Poe creation; And the prize winner is Benedicte for her sultry Medusa card. :)

HDH072 - Hell Hath No Fury Gruesome Twosome: 
Catherine for her totally inspirational Book of Grudges, and Miranda for her kreepy Kraftin' Kimmie kreation (lol, sorry, got carried away there :P); And the prize winner is Teri for her fabulously eerie voodoo easel card. :)

Benedicte and Teri, please email Barb your mailing address, so she can get your goodies out to you!  Barb's email address is in the sidebar. And just a note to let you all know that our Mistress of the Macabre, Barb, is feeling a little snowed under at the minute. She's getting up to date on prizes that need to be sent out, but if you've emailed her and haven't had a reply, could you please get in touch again, just to make sure the gremlins (lots of them around here) haven't run off with your details? Thanks so very muchly!


Crystal said…
Can I get a woop woop!!! Thanks again, I really love making cards for these challenges...
Off to 'smudge' up something.
Catherine said…

OMGosh! Thank you! And a BIG CONGRATS (or should it be "Kongratz" lol) to all the winners!

((((HUGS)))) for Barb. Take care, girlfriend!
Congrats to all winners!
Miranda said…
jeepers creepers, thanks for picking me as one of the gruesome twosome...


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