Macabre Monday HDH072 - Hell Hath No Fury

HDH Macabre Monday Rules:
1. Create a dark and macabre SOMETHING (card, scrap page, altered item, whatever) that follows the specific Macabre Monday challenge given. Cutesy is fine, but creepy is better :)
2. You have until the following Sunday night @ 5pm central time to post your creation and please leave a direct-link back here. Please make sure that your blog post / upload has been made AFTER the challenge date... we wanna see fresh stuff, not those from a few weeks ago!!
3. If you upload to any online galleries (TACPCC, S&S, PCP, SCS, etc.), please tag the title using HDH072.
4. Weekly giveaways! Some weeks will be loaded with loot, others not-so-much... but the thrill is in the win, right?! Some prizes shall be by random drawing, others hand picked... and I'm not telling you ahead of time :)
5. We'll be selecting a weekly Gruesome Twosome (our top two favorite creations) from all the players. At the end of every month these will be compiled and a Master of Macabre will be selected and will receive a little giftie from me... this could be stamp sets, handmade items, papers, halloweenie embellishments... you just never know.

Ok, my little pretties... your challenge this week:

Hell Hath No Fury
You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based project showcasing bad-ass bitches on a rampage. Bitter much? This challenge is PERFECT for a little emotional purging :)

Check out what the Macabre Minions have in store for your viewing pleasure...

Macabre Mistress Lynx:
OMFG, Lynx... who was the unsuspecting victim kind donor for this beauty?! LOVE IT!

Creepy Cricut Cween Donna:

LOL!!! This is fantastic, Donna... it definitely put a smile on my face

Digital Demon-ess Susan:
PERFECT Queen of Hearts, Susan! I can just hear Helena Bonham Carter's voice in the back of my head :)

Smudgetastic Andrea:

Is this a little miniature dollhouse-of-doom?! I can't wait to read more about it!! Wonderful, Andrea!!!

Macabre Mistress: Oz
I'm almost afraid this is a personal quote and not a work of fiction.
It's deceptively demure and lovely. Then again aren't we all? Nicely done, Oz.

Chaotic Creepy Glowbugg:
Better late than never!
Fabulous work from everyone per usual! Be sure to check back for what is SURE to be a fun-filled week of smile-inducing entries!


Scrap Vamp said...

Had to laugh! These projects are AWESOME!

Gina said...

Mwahahahahahaha!!!!! Got to get into this challenge :D XXX

Miranda said...

the DT creations are awesome and I esp like the thought behind this challenge

gonna add this challenge blog to my fav's


Celeste said...

Great DT creations!

Janet said...

awesome cards!!!!!!! :) this is my fave challenge blog ever!!!!!

Tori said...

Great job to the DT!! Very awesome inspiration! This is my first time entering a challenge here...but it sounded like so much fun! Thanks Barb! I'll be back often!!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I just discovered your site and I am hooked, line and sinker! You made me gasp, laugh and giggle! What a fun blog, I definetly think the most unique and I look forward to entering your next challenge!!!