Fiendishly Fun Friday - Well, hellooooooo Donna

That's right!  This little fun photo is none other than our own

{in a true catwalk emcee voice} Donna is sporting a nice skully faux tattoo and has paired it nicely with some freakin' killer pumps :)  That must have been some CHA trip, Donna... and nice gamms!

Want some more fun?  Go and visit our

... let's just say I'll give you a hint:
"Kitties, frogs and zombies! Oh my!"

And so I thought maybe I'd put Donna & Creepy Glo's topics together...

I give you...

The Zombie Kitty tattoo :)
Because that's just how Google Images and I roll.


Gina said…
Just 1 yours a real tatoo or faux, cos I have tat's and that looks very real??? :D XXX
DonnaMundinger said…
Well I guess it's still visible after a week. Had to save it to go with the SHOES! Maybe now DH will let me have a REAL one! LOL WOW, kitty is FAB! xxD
Ro said…
Love those shoes!!!
Anonymous said…
Hi Ladies! I came by to get a sneek peek at Donna's shoes...since Donna and I are friends and neighbors, I've had the chance to get to know her hubby and had to see what devilish shoes he's gone for this time! LOL! And that HK tat? Well I couldn't like it anymore, love her being green!!!
Signed up to follow so I can keep track and someday get myself together and play!!! Lots of fun over here!!!

Ms. Jen said…
Way to work it ladies!! LOL
Linda aka Oz said…
Damn girl, you got legs!!

I do too, but mine don't look like that... hehe

love them shoes!!

love the tats... real or faux. That kitty is the business ... love it. Killer shoes indeed. I know they'd kill me for sure if I were to wear them but they look so good on you Donna.

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