Double Bonus Winner!!!

Check this out!  Remember the bonus drawing for HDH013 Beauty School Dropout?  You know creepy-cool image I used on the card I made... well, the owner of that stamp company, Barb Harper of Stamp It Crazy, left this comment:
Hello Barb, I want to say you did a wonderful job with the creepy girl image. I will help you out and give your contest winner a free creepy girl image. Great Work!

Barb Harper

Which means that Susan gets another freebie!  Yeay for Stamp It Crazy!  Thanks so much, Barb, and I can't wait to use some of the images I just purchased from you... they are fabulous :)  Susan, I've still got your address, so let me know if it is ok to send it on to Barb!

Now, doesn't this make you want to participate in challenges even more?!


LadybugSue said…
Thanks for the news I was scanning my sites for fresh posts and came upon this happy News. Thanks so much!
LadybugSue said…
That also means yes you may send on my address. Thanks again!
Merry Christmas and Thanks so much for the fantastic Card, it was awesome.

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