Curious Sofa Halloween finds...

Here is what I purchased at a little boutique yesterday.  Sweet score, right?  I spent waaaaaay too much, but I figure I can since it is for THE BEST HOLIDAY EVER!  :)  The goodies include:
  • 3 yards of hand dyed silk ribbon in a lovely eggplant purple... pure yummi-licious-ness
  • terra cotta skull votive holder with an awesome rusty finish
  • a couple of coffin mint tins, because you can never have too many
  • a couple of 'blood filled' syringe pens
  • rolls of tickets... orange says 'treat', the gray says 'trick'
  • fabby spider... feels more handmade than all of that rubber junk in most stores
  • and my favorite... the witch hand!  This is a rusty terra cotta creation as well... simply fantastic.
This is currently sitting on a table as you come into the entry & living room... and that is where it will be from now on... even AFTER Halloween :)
The boutique has some freakin' AWESOME framed art & shadow boxes... one was really old looking with some sort of animal skeleton... too cool.  There was a framed antique anatomy poster that I wanted, but alas, I didn't have a spare $300 laying around ;)

I still can't believe this is only the second time I have been out Halloween shopping!  I've GOT to make some time in the next couple of weeks :)

Be sure to tune in tomorrow for Macabre Monday!!!


Unknown said…
Definitely creepy!!
Patti J. said…
I wish I lived close enough to just 'drop by'.... this is awesome stuff - LOVE that hand!!!
Christina said…
That hand candle holder is the BEST!!!! Nice score!
Creepy Glowbugg said…
I want to go shopping with you. The witch hand is by far the coolest thing ever. Those tickets are too cool also. Great finds! Gotta go...turning a shade of chartreuse now.
LadybugSue said…
A really great ghoulish find!!!

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