Fur and Feathers, Tooth and Claw, Take Two, and July winners

We're so sorry this post is a day late - the Minions all get cranky in August - it's been so long since last year's Halloween that we get a bit crotchety and fractious, and deadlines fly out the window. This month, we'd like to see your take on our "Fur and Feathers, Tooth and Claw" challenge. As always, it's open to your own interpretation, just keep it dark and creepy. 

This month, we've been joined by An English Lady, who created this wondrous piece. 

We also rounded up the votes for last month's Rock and Roll winners. Thanks so much to everyone that entered the challenge, your pieces really made us happy. The Gruesome Twosome for the Rock and Roll challenge are 
Take your badge and wear it with pride, and if you'd like to play along with us for the next challenge, please email Mo for details. She's away from the Dungeon at the moment though, so please be patient.


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