Naughty Corner part 2, extra naughty :-P

Again some naughty inspiration from the Minions, no problem getting projects in for this challenge, naughty is most of the Minions middle name.....

So here the reminder post and the announcement of the Gruesom Twosomes, who will be welcomed as Gruesome Guest designer in the Dungeon AND will be the only 2 people in the world that are allowed to wear this badge on their blog, earned for making Macabre Masterpieces, 

Grusome Twosomes are:

Contact Mo here for details on the Gruesome Guest Design spot

Ok you know us Minions, we like to keep  things on the edge, so here it goes for inspiration sake

Imp of Insanity Ike  went for corners, check out this bloody awesome card

 Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo went for naughty, naughty, ok visitors below 18, cover your eyes....

 just to keep everything organized in the altered box

Devishly Deviant Donna went for corners as well, altering  the front of a lovely candle box.

Can't wait to see how naughty you all can go, keep them projects coming and remember, try to make it creepy, bloody or real naughty, no sweetness allowed, you can add your project to mr Linky  here


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