February - It's a love/hate thing!

Yup, it's February again, and you know what that means, right? The entire rest of the world goes ga-ga over love and sweetness and pink and cherubs. Frankly, we in the Dungeon are too twisted and dark to put up with that malarkey, so instead our February challenge is
It's A Love/Hate Thing
This means that you can make it about love or hate, OR use something you love, or something you hate. We're always open to interpretation, but PLEASE nothing sweet and insipid or we'll have to burn it. Seriously. No traditionally "nice" Valentine cards, ok? Make it gothic, make it creepy, make it beautifully twisted and dark and you'll receive so much Minion love that you'll need to get checked out for communicable diseases. Remember, we're now monthly and you can enter up to three macabre creations each month.
The Minions have been busy creating pieces for your pleasure and inspiration, so without further ado, here they are. First up,


So come and join the fun. You can make it about love in the first two weeks, when the world is full of hope and possibilities, and turn to hate at the end of the month, once you're sick to death of all the Valentine's crap that will be everywhere. Or the other way round, lol, we really don't mind how your muse strikes you, as long as it's not sweet and pretty and nausea-inducing.


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