Macabre Monday - You WOOD Do That!

Well, here we are right in the thick of October.
If the weather was cooperating it would be a perfect start
to the best month of the year. But I'll just turn on the a/c, 
light pumpkin spice candles, and decorate the dungeon anyway. 

The new challenge theme for this fornight is
You WOOD Do That!
We're looking for wood in your projects this time around.
You could use woodgrain stamps or paper, or even wood chippies,
but we're looking for more of a stretch if you're up to it. 
We want to see wooden coffins, stakes, broomsticks, gallows poles,
creepy gnarled trees. See where we're headed here?
Whether you go for a simple wooden box makeover, or a
wooden coffin filled with magical broomsticks, you have to make
it creepy, weird, Gothic, or Halloween in nature. 
NO cute stuff, please. 
We can't stomach that stuff down here in the trenches.  

Check out what the Minions did.

Okay then, now you see what the Minions have done.
The Minions want to see what you can do!


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