And we all scream for ice cream!!!

Summer has come to a close, and what better way to celebrate,
than with ice cream?

Please watch this short, five minute film, and then give us your interpretation
as a cool and creepy creation. Use any medium, any images,
just make sure it's creepy and directly influence by this fun little video.

Wanna see how some of the Minions brought this film to their art?

Contagion of Corruption - Croms
Fabulous black and white zentangle creation. 

New image in the Delicious Doodles shop inspired by the film.

 Devilishly Deviant Donna
Anyone care for a lick of this blood-cicle?

Fun journal page with images drawn from the film.
And truer words were never spoken.

How's that for inspiration?
Please enter your film inspired creation here.
We are looking forward to seeing what goes on inside your head.  


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