Macabre Monday: Ferocious Furballs

Welcome to the Haunted Design House!
Today marks the beginning of a new challenge theme for our
bi-monthly Macabre Monday challenge.

Ferocious Furballs
is the new challenge theme. Interpret it any way you'd like,
just make sure an animal of some sort, is involved in some way.
Maybe use a gruesome guinea pig, or some wicked waterfowl
as your inspiration. Who knows, maybe a macabre muskrat
and a catatonic coon hound are more to your liking.
Make it weird, wacky, scary or clinical.
Just don't make it cute!!

Check out what the Minions did:

Teri came up with this terrifying Aye Aye, which is also 
available (or will be there soon) in her Delicious Darkness digi shop.

Gorgeous textures and  techniques on this handsome display.

Striking hand casted bird skull centerpiece!

Far from clean and simple, but straight and to the point, is more like it.
Kind of fun in a twisted and wicked way. 
We like that kind of thing around here. 

  If you're not inspired by this bunch, I'm not sure anyone can help you!  

Please join us for this "animal friendly" challenge.


Matney said…
Oh this is fab! Wonderfully fierce projects. You got me with "wicked waterfowl"!
KristyLee said…
These three project are just awesome! You gals are so very creative! Thanks so much for the inspiration. Hope to be back w/ a project soon!
Andrea C said…
Brilliant. x

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