Ferocious Furballs week 2

Ferocious Furballs
is the challenge theme for week 2 of Macabre Monday.
Interpret it any way you'd like,
just make sure an animal of some sort, is involved in some way.
Maybe use a gruesome guinea pig, or some wicked waterfowl
as your inspiration. Who knows, maybe a macabre muskrat
and a catatonic coon hound are more to your liking.
Make it weird, wacky, scary or clinical.
Just don't make it cute!!

Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo

And please help me in giving Susan a warm welcome (back) to the dungeon.
It's been about a three year hiatus, but the motto of the dungeon is:
"Once a Minion, always a Minion". 

Devious Digital Demoness Susan

So now might be a good time to dust off those cute animal stamps and
make something dark and scary with them. Or not.

We'd love for you to join us for our Ferocious Furball challenge.
Enter your fuzzy makes here.


Andrea C said…
Yeah finally got blogger fixed! Fantastic work guys. x

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