Macabre Monday - Alien Abduction/Invasion

For our new challenge, we are going a bit SciFi.
Not our usual genre of choice, but after a moment of
brainstorming, we found that we do enjoy a good
space odyssey in the dungeon every once in a while.

Alien Abduction/Invasion 

If silver flying saucers and gray men aren't to your liking,
consider the following films for your inspiration:
Mars Attacks
Killer Klowns from Outer Space
Planet of the Vampires
Strange Invaders
Day of the Triffids
Night of the Creeps
They Live (my personal favorite)
The Thing
The Blob
Invasion of the Body Snatchers

See? Science Fiction can be scary and entertaining!

Check out what our spacey Minions made.

What's this?

A funny card from the Grumpiest Dragon in the land?

Wicked clever interactive War of the Worlds inspired card!

Check out this Alien inspired altered book art!! 

I think Mister Giger would definitely approve!

Eye see you!

Looks like there's room for one more...

Care to guess what this once was?
Helen is quite the eco friendly crafter with this
salvaged outdoor light fixture. Brilliant!
Better be careful Helen, the aliens may want to observe your
incredibly clever mind.

This theme may require a bit more thought and planning than most,
but then again it is a challenge, isn't it?
Who knows? It may even be your favorite project ever, but you'll
never know unless you try.


Monique's art said…
Great projects teamies. Brilliant makes
steffi said…
Ooh - nice - ran out of time for the last one - starting my thinking cap engines now!!
Matney said…
hahaaaa, love all of these and can't wait to see what more inspiration is to be. Great list and a kick ass theme!
Teresa said…
Fantastic - Fiona's book is the coolest thing ever!!!
KristyLee said…
Amazing just amazing art work from the dungeon dwellers! I really love them all, so unique! So creative! So outstanding wonderful! You all ROCK!!! Suburb workmanship from all of you all! I don't know how you all manage to create wonderful art work time and time again! Love you all tho! And thanks for sharing your twisted mind! :)

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