May Monster Madness is upon us!!
It's the one day of the year that we pay special homage to the monsters
we love so.
Being that we celebrate monsters and all things creepy here at HDH
everyday, things may look like business as usual. But just know we
did do some things a bit special  just for today.

Check out a couple of our design team's make for today.
You can click on the link in their name to be whisked  away
to their personal blogs for more info on their monstrous projects. 

altered china doll

Monster of the Deep  or "Be Careful What You FISH for"

More of a miscellaneous monster montage...

Contagion of Corrosion Croms


Thanks for dropping by today.
Hope you enjoyed our segment of 
May Monster Madness. 


Unknown said…
I love the look of your blog. Yay that horror is business as usual for you and your awesome designers!
Monsterrific! The vampire slaying kit is incredible!

This made me laugh out loud:

'Monster of the Deep or "Be Careful What You FISH for""
Rhissanna said…
Is that...a vampire killing kit? Rushes off to see! And I will be back, to see a place where monsters are business a usual.
Gothic Flamingo said…
Your blog is fang-tabulous! Especially loved the vampire killing kit!
Magaly Guerrero said…
The altered china doll is to die for!
I do love your blog and all it's creepy creativeness (especially the Vampire killing kit).

*Gone to find a 'follow' link*

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