Macabre Monday #188 WHOLE LOTTA ROSIE

Today's new challenge theme is
"Whole Lotta Rosie".

It's no big secret that we like to rock out from time to time,
here in the dungeon.
Why let all the great acoustics got to waste on our own incessant howling?
Some of the Minions are huge fans of the band, AC/DC.
Some of us are even fans of lovely roses.
And at least one of us is a fat chick, so we figured we open it all up to your

I bet you'd like to see just what the hell I 'm talking about, huh?  

First up, for some Minion inspiration is
Maniacal Mother of Mayhem Mo

Gorgeous card, with a beautiful sentiment.

Fang-tasmogorical Fiona

There's Rosie in all her glory!!

 And a wickedly wonderful book, complete with roses for eyes.

Sultana of the Sinister Black Dragon
I think BD can fit Poe, roses, and feathers into almost any challenge.
And who says roses have to be red, anyway? 


Matney said…
Love this challenge!! rock on minions.
Ellis said…
Awesome inspiration from the minions! =)
Hugs, Elenor
Anonymous said…
Loving the designs and the humour
I wish you had done this a few weeks ago, I could have entered Rosie Toes!
Anonymous said…
I have subscribed to your blog now :-)

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