There's a story here....

Just a little quickie today, from Ike.
This project includes a sexy wolfman from Ike's World, a mad scientist
image from Smeared Ink, and a screamin' zombie from Rick St. Dennis.
The archway is a Tando Creative product, with really cool brickwork added to it.

Thanks for dropping by! 
Feel free to leave a comment and share what you think
is going on in that archway. Imagine it to be a movie poster
for some old throwback B horror film of the 60's. Or even a newer,
"yet to be a genre" type of foreign film. 
Best idea gets a prize.
I'm not sayin' what kind of prize, 
but it will probably have something to do with 
EDIT: Contest has closed. Winner will be announced shortly.  
Keep it creepy! 


Allison said…
oooh fab
With death I will create life mwuhahah.......

Matney said…
The crazy Professor Gerard Beckert (Sweedish Film, Frostbiten or Frostbite) was mixing his mad concoctions of zombie and wolf DNA way before the vamps. He used various death cabs to keep his grave digging under wraps. Unfortunately for him the he never got to see his work survive and thrive in the world we know today.
Andrea C said…
Brilliant love it. x
Evil Edna said…
can I go for mad sciencist porn? after all they need lovin too when all those pitch forked yokels have gone! EE
nwilliams6 said…
Lycans beat the vamps, but now the zombies are after them. The professor has created protection from the zombies and he is trying to sell it to the lycans - he wants to be one so he can live longer and get a much cooler body!

Fun card!
The year is 2353. After three centuries of abuse and war, the earth is a wasteland, uninhabitable. Humans were forced to retreat underground nearly 250 years ago where they have lived since. But now, 300 years after the destruction of the surface, they are starting to emerge topside, split into two warring factions.

Professor Kendall, a brilliant, if twisted, scientist has been performing experiments on cadavers, trying to create new creatures to help his occultist faction win the war to take back the surface. Splicing DNA and reanimating corpses of fallen soldiers, he is amassing an unstoppable grotesque army to defeat the enemy.

~ Guild Master Crystal
My entire blog is stories based on my crafts. Thanks for the opportunity to make one for yours :)

Emily Thubbron said…
Dr. Matthews was a brilliant doctor in his time. He single handedly discovered how to splice DNA to combine humans with animals. His first few experiments went wrong and became zombies. After a few more tries, he was finally able to obtain success. His first creation was half wolf, half human. Many people laughed at him because there were already werewolves running lose. But what they didn't understand was that his experiment allowed the human/wolf to have the best of both worlds all the time. The senses of a wolf with the dexterity of a human. The brain of a human with the quickness of a wolf. His next experiment is in the works.
Chark said…
Frankly, Dr. Frankenstein was sure the potion he'd mixed and the body parts of a Chippendale dancer and rabid wolf he'd gathered would come together deliciously. And they kinda did...the zombies especially appreciated the mix of beauty and beast. The new wolfman was no brainiac, he wasn't especially quick and he got distracted easily by squirrels, so the zombie hoard was able to catch up to him with no problem. Trouble was, the little brain just wasn't enough to feed a single zombie, let alone a hoard. So, they set the obedient little guy on his way and instead munched the doctor's enlarged brain. Dr. Frankenstein was heard to exclaim, "It's Alive! Oh, shit!" as both the wolfman and zombies caught up to him.
jennifer said…
As his teeth sunk into her soft, sweet flesh, that sensation of deja vue crept over him. Glancing up, for just a moment, he realized it wasn't the feeling he had done this before that stopped him. No, it was the irony of all those Saturday horror flick reruns he had watched over and over and how now he was living one.

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