The Happiest Day of the Year!!

Happy Hallowe'en!!!!
Seems like we are waiting all year for this day, here in the dungeon.
Then, when it finally arrives, it's so bittersweet.
After getting the monster off to school, decked out in his finest
"Amanda Bynes" attire, I have had the morning to work on some
last minute projects, and watch scary movies since 7 AM.
I wish the programming was always like this.

I wanted to share an awesome make by Minion Sister Teri, using her
wonderfully wicked images from her shop, Delicious Doodles.

Teri is such an incredibly talented artist. She makes some of the 
very best dark digi images around. She also has quite the knack
for creating beautiful mainstream images, as well.

Beautifully dark and sexy!

Gorgeous and fun!
To see more of this incredible booklet, check out 

There is a sale currently underway at 
25% off the entire store!

I am offering up some blog candy on my blog today as well. 
Check it out here.

Have a wonderfully wicked Hallowe'en!
Stay safe, and don't forget....
it's bad luck to blow out your jack-o-lanterns before midnight!


Wings1295 said…
Beautiful pieces! Hope you have a very Happy Hallowe'en!
Anonymous said…
Congrats you individuals are doing with this blog site. Tess
Matney said…
Fab book, love the new images of the fingers. Killer tags.
Unknown said…
Amazing stuff of the blogs!! That has amazed me. Ravyn

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