Danse Macabre - DT Throwdown Style

Well, skeleton crew that we are, we made it!
Haunted Design House is back in the 
Just Creepy Glo and Donna this time around though.
Being as most of our Minions serve double, triple, or quadruple
duty on other DTs, it's hard to wrangle enough of us together 
even for a monthly throwdown.

The chosen theme for this month's challenge is 
"Danse Macabre" or the "Dance of  Death".
Last month's throwdown winners, Airless Chambers  chose the theme.
And what a wicked theme it is!!

Growing up and listening to metal bands, I immediately thought of
a song by "Celtic Frost", aptly named, "Danse Macabre". 
Well, it was sort of a song. More like track from a
creepy, Satanic movie soundtrack. I'll put the You Tube link
on my personal blog.
But, that was my inspiration for my throwdown piece.  
I tell you this, thinking it might make some sense now, but probably not.

I have been collecting old baby dolls lately, when I visit the thrift shop.
I felt kinda embarrassed at first, with this filthy baby doll at the check out.
But now, I feel like I'm liberating these poor, neglected souls.
After apologetically removing his appendages and head, I gessoed, 
and then painted the head with various acrylic paints. 
Made quite few rookie mistakes,but it all ended up working well in the end.
I applied TH Distress Crackle Paint in Rock Candy, (rather thickly at times)
for the final crackle effect. 
Rock Candy is now my "go to" crackle medium.  

I hand wrote the quote, "The Dance of the Dead unites us all!" 
on an old dictionary page. Basically meaning, that we all are on the same level once we die.
No one cares who was rich or poor when the Reaper comes a callin".  

I wanted an old, corroded, gritty feel to this project. 
I feel that the use of resin sand achieved this effect quite well.
I mixed it with black acrylic paint to save myself the step of painting it
black later. This way, once it was dry I could go directly to the highlights. 

Here is my stamp! I actually used two on this side, but the winged skeleton
under the Deceased stamp is super faded after all the painting and stuff.
I used my cherished, Meer Image stamps.  And a TH stamp on the other side.

My little baby head needed a collar, so I created one out of distress inked
dictionary pages, and a star punch. I felt that a circle or a scallop wasn't
going to be pointy enough for my little friend. The star gave the perfect
amount of sharpness needed. It kind of mimics the points of the crown.

Well, here is my nut can, turned gritty commentary on Death.
Drop by my blog for even more pictures and info on how I
made the crown and all the rest of my secrets.

Now it's Donna's turn to dazzle and amaze you!

Now how's that for a "Dance of Death"?

Brilliant skeleton puppeteer hand!! And great background for the plaque.

One thing that doesn't discourage Donna, is intense
fussy cutting!!! 

Great use of the Smeared Ink dead dancer image! She makes a stunning

Another throw down masterpiece from Donna!!
Pop by her blog to get all of the gory details on how she
managed this brilliant piece!

Now comes the hard part. YOU have to vote for your favorite team's 
projects for the current throwdown theme. 
Voting begins on Thursday at Smeared and Smudged here.


Rick said…
YAY for Glow and Donna-fun projects-I am loving the pearly white crackly doll face-wow
Good luck you 2
Donna do you have a HUGE storage shed full of great stuff or what?
Unknown said…
Wow, I'm kinda speechless :) Both amazing projects, will leave love on individual blogs!
love the work here I will leave blog hugs .
susan s
DonnaMundinger said…
Love ya Glo for hangin' in there with me. Fabulous work, Chickie! xxD
Miranda said…
fabulous work girls, will take a closer look on your blogs now
Monique's art said…
Wow you two made some great stuff!!!

Love them both

Will visit your bloggies later
Gráinne said…
Wow! What awesome admirable work you have done ... my jaw is on the floor again ... I'll get bruises LOL Splendid work. Good luck, Suzanne x
Absolutely stunning girls xxxx
mark gould said…
Wow, guys, you have rocked it, both projects are amazing, you did the dungeon proud x
Suzi McKenzie said…
WOW What Wicked projects, love them both, that dolls head is so cool.
Matney said…
Nicely done HDH. Both projects are so unique and love! Good Luck in the Throwdown.
~Lady B~ said…
Wickedly awesome! I'm off to check your blogs :)
KristyLee said…
You guys have made some outstanding projects! I truly love them all!
KristyLee said…
This comment has been removed by the author.

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