Gruesome Twosome times two!!

Okay, so now that the Minions are on a fortnightly schedule, they 
have started slacking off a bit. 
Just can't keep good help in the dungeon these days.
We would like to announce the Gruesome Twosome(s) 
from the last two challenges.

Congratulations to 



Congratulations ladies!
Wonderful "Freaker's Free for All" projects!!

And now for the Gruesome Twosome from our
"Famous Last Words" challenge....



Congratulations to all of the winners and please grab your badge
and display it proudly. You've earned it!!

Thank you to everyone who played along with us in our new
fortnightly challenges. It warms our black hearts to see so much
uniquely dark and wonderful artwork birthed from our Macabre Monday
We can't take over the crafting community without you!
Keep it Creepy!!! 


KC said…
congrats to everyone..and me! wahoo! thank you thank you! as you know this is a real honor to me! I love my creepy friends!!!
Shelley said…
thank you so much! totally just made me day :D congrats to the others too!
Gráinne said…
Thanks a very lot ... means a lot to me. You made me happy :-D
Congrats to the other winners.

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