Macabre Monday #158 Freaker's Free for All

We're baaaaaack!!!!!

Seems like ages ago that we closed down for the holidaze. 
It feels good to get the smell and feel of the ol' dungeon on us once again.
We really should make sure someone opens the door around here once in
a while though. Gets a might rank after a few months of being closed up.
But the stench and slime of rotted projects gone by, has started our dark mojo anew for 2013.

Okay folks, same rules as last year (but feel free to check them out in the sidebar,if you'd like), except we are making this 
a bi-monthly/fortnightly challenge.
Now you have two weeks to participate in our Macabre Monday challenges!!!
Consider it our little gift to you for 2013.

Today's challenge is an easy one,
Freaker's Free for All

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Hallowe'en based art piece
with no other limitations. 
Anything goes!!!!

Let's just try to stay away from the overtly cute. That is all we ask.
The Minions all suffer from acid reflux as it is, so any extra sugar
will turn our lovely dungeon into a vomitorium. 

Need some inspiration?
We have just the projects to get your dark juices flowin'.
(Keep in mind that only half of the Minions will show their wares
today, and then the other half will show off on next Monday, for the
reminder post.)

Temptress of Terror Teri :

Teri is using her gorgeous new image, "The Ivy Queen",
available in her shop, Delicious Doodles.

Menace of the Monstrous Mark:

hdh anything goes
Now how can you go wrong with a little Devil 
for the New Year?

Agent of the Abominable Andrea:

 Andrea has hit the nail on the head with this one!
Is it February, yet?

Okay, now it's your turn to go crazy and give life to whatever
bits of darkness you've had brewing since Christmas!!!


Gráinne said…
I'm so happy you're back LOL, love your way of writing.
Suzanne xx

(think you have to change the submission date, though)
Redanne said…
Good to see you back, the DT have created some fabulous inspirational pieces!
Yaaaay!!! I'm so happy...I can get my freak on!

Carol (Carol's Creations)
CarlaKH said…
yay! and I am glad for the two weeks too!
I've missed you peeps. So glad to be able to get freaky with you all again. Off to get my freak on..........
Anonymous said…
You're back and me too. Yeah. I wish you all a dark creative new year.

Your definitely off to a creepy start. Way to go!
fatmonica said…
Great blog!makes me want to get all my black and smeary ink out!
Glad to see you back, It is nice to see something a but more unusual and I enjoyed playing along.
:) Chris / CS Designs
CG said…
I always enjoy the work on your blog, but this is the first time I've entered one of your challenges. Thanks Teri :)
Kathi said…
Great inspiration!
Jenn Borjeson said…
Yay - so glad you're back!!! :)
Unknown said…
Great inspiration!

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