Last chance...

I'm running quite late this week and since our
 yearly celebration of Hallow'een fell on a hump day,
I'm late for the mid week inspiration as well.
The challenge this week is
Hammer House of Horror.
Choose a Hammer film, a Hammer actor, or Hammer movie monster,
and let it be your muse for this challenge.
We're looking for non-cute and/or horror inspired creations.
The options really are limitless for this one. 
It's your last chance to thrill us for the year.
This will be our last scheduled challenge for 2012.
And it's your last chance to have your name cast into
the bubbling cauldron to win this month's Master of the Macabre!
First up is the finished product of Mark's Peter Cushing box, with a twist.
hammer 4 
The front of the book, featuring Mister Cushing.
The spine of the book pulls out to reveal a secret drawer.
And the back cover, with a brilliant kill scene
of Christopher Lee, as Dracula.
Awesome techniques all over this thing!!!
Check out Mark's blog to get the details of how he achieved
each bit of this incredible creation.
I chose to go with a movie theme, based solely on the film's title.
I chose "Vampire's Circus" , released by Hammer Films back in 1972.
I was alive then, but probably not watching horror movies yet.
I was sold on this film after reading the phrase,
"Human fangs ripping throats - no sawdust can soak up the torrent of blood!" 
They just don't write tag lines like that any more.

Now I realize that the obvious theme to follow would have been the
Vampire element of the film, but I actually went with the
Circus/Fortune Teller idea instead. We just did Vampires last week anyway.
The film features a scheming fortune teller and a little person.
I didn't have a little person digi, but I did have this gorgeous fortune teller
image by Rick St. Dennis called, "Esmeralda", and the perfect tent image to go
with her from RSD as well. 
I like to make step cards because it allows me to use lots
more elements than I am able to use on a basic card.
I added another film poster and the eyes of the original poster for
the background of my creation. 
Well, that's it.
Now it's up to you to be inspired and play along with the final challenge
of the year for the Haunted Design House.
We'll be back sporadically, so keep checking back for bits of randomness
through the next couple of months.
We are also planning an ATC swap very soon.
Mark is trying to get his skeleton ducks in a row and then will make the
official announcement.
Now for last week's Gruesome Twosome chosen by our sponsor,
Congratulations go to
Please email me at glowreahhh at gmail dot com,
and I will get you in touch with Rick to claim your prize.  
Don't forget to grab your badge as well!  
Thank you to Rick for sponsoring our Nosferatu challenge and thank you to everyone
who took the time to participate.


Karen C said…
Yay! Thank you so much for choosing mine!!! I have the badge proudly posted on my blog and my email has been sent! :D

Karen C
Love the book. Thanks for sharing the link - fantastic.

Cgra said…
Thank you so much!

Congrats, Karen - love the vamp!

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