Gruesome Twosome, Master Of The Macabre and more ATC inspiration

Ah ha
I have managed to slip my shackles for a second time this week and have some how managed to find myself at the keyboard, I had best be quick before they notice I have escaped ;)Lots going on with this post, first we have our Gruesome Twosome from last weeks Hammer Horror challenge.We Have Fiona and Keren  both great entries and really fit the theme and feel of Hammer Horror perfectly.Don't forget to take your badge.



 Fiona is also our Master Of  the Macabre for October

Now I have some more details for the ATC swap.If you want to take part you need to sign up HERE just enter your name with ** next to it.At the end of November I will make a random draw and post up on HDH who you are swapping with , it will be up to you to get in touch with who you are swapping with and to arrange all your postage details.
I know some of you want to do more than one swap, If you want to do this just get in touch with the people on the list, it's all up to you guys, Just please if you commit to making 5 swaps, please follow through, every one likes to get mail x
We would love to see your creations and I will figure a way for you to send the pics in and Ill do a mass post after Xmas so there is plenty of time for the Postie to make his deliveries. Stay tuned for more details on that later.
Ok I have waffled enough now, lets see what the DT have got to show, I managed to twist some arms (although I think they liked it) Weird bunch ;)

From the Cadaverous Concoctor Of Chaos,Creepy Glowbug

From the Sultan Of The Sinister, Black Dragon

And from the Imp Of Insanity
Smudgefest  ATC 1B   IKE  

Some amazing ATC's I hope this inspires you to take part, you can sign up HERE. If I am aloud out to play again I will be back next week with some more Atc's from the Dt. If you have any questions please leave them bellow and I will try to answer them.

The Menace Of The Monstrous, Mark


GrĂ¡inne said…
Hi Mark, is there any idea on how many ATCs we swap or is it up to us, too?
Suzanne xx
mark gould said…
Its up to you, At least one with the person you are drawn against.
Jenn Borjeson said…
Awesome post - great stuff from everyone. Looking forward to the swap. :)
ike said…
FABBO .... I'm going to make loads :-D xxxx
Redanne said…
Wow, great inspiration there, will do my best to do the swap justice!
Elly said…
Lordy...are you busy!!(:o)What a boost of inspiration! Maybe you can send me a bit to blow away the wintersleep who's trying to catch me. Thanks for reading my blog all the time and leaving so many nice comments i love (:o)
Hugs xoxo
mark gould said…
Hope your going to join us? X

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