Fiendishly Fun Friday... HDH156 - Nosferatu ad nauseam - from The Mistress

Do not adjust your monitors.  It is not a glitch.  And no... you are not hallucinating (or maybe you are).  It is I...
The Masterful Mistress of the Macabre!

Oh how I have missed this.  It has been so sad that I haven't been able to get my creep on this year and participate at HDH.  Life sometimes is a drag, and the mundane things like work,bills & drama unfortunately take the front seat.

So, on to the good stuff for today!  This week we are sponsored by Rick St. Dennis.  I chose to work with his "Salome the Vampyr" and "Hexology" images... and they are fabulous:

I apologize for the horrible photos... I just don't know how to adjust my camera when it comes to reds... they always end up REALLY bright.  Anyway, I know the color combo on this card is a bit different.  Red, purple, black & gold?  Yeah.  I had already colored her gown purple & hair black, so the robe needed contrast... it DOES pick up the gold shimmer from the red velvet paper... bonus.

Let's think of Salome as a member of royalty that was turned by one of her Ladies-in-Waiting one Autumn evening.  You can see the head of her late husband at her feet... so much for romance.

I used a MS punch & a new Memory Box Gothic Arch die (L.O.V.E. it).  And the awesome red velvet paper is from Creepy Glowbugg... I still have one sheet left :)  I've been hoarding it.

So.  There it is... was it worth the wait?!  :)
Did you miss me?
~The Masterful Mistress of the Macabre


Creepy Glowbugg said…
Yay! The Mistress hasn't abandoned us! And now we can put all those nasty rumors to rest. Some thought maybe we had done away with you ourselves. Pshaw!
Elated to have you in the dungeon again!
Nice card. That robe seems a bit in the yeller side, dontcha think?
Vee Cassidy said…
Glad to see you back with such a brilliant creation. Love the back story ;) Vee xx
Barb said…
Glo: it isn't yellow in person... it's gold. I'm telling you, I suck at photography.
Andrea C said…
Very cool and loving the storyline. Great to have you back amongst the living (barely living I might add). xxxx
Welcome back oh Mistress. Great having you join us - even if it be a fleeting visit xx
Rick said…
Such a striking project-I love the colours and textures-Thanks for using my images in a new and interesting way!!Well done you!
mark gould said…
So good to see you back where you belong. Brilliant card. Worth the wait x
Jenn Borjeson said…
Yes and yes! This is freaking awesome, LOVE the colors, great job. xo
WONDERFUL! Glad life gave you a breather so you could get your creep on :)

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