Vile Vintage Mid-week inspiration

Well, it seems like it's becoming my modus operandi
to be late with my Wednesday posts.
Keeping with that tradition, here is my
Vile Vintage Ephemera shadowbox.

I have a hoarded supply of 8X8 shadow boxes that I picked up at a
ridiculously low price last season. It didn't occur to me to use one for
this project until late, Tuesday evening. I tore my original project apart,
and started anew around midnight.
Hence my tardiness.  

Creepy ass ventriloquist dummy and his "Papa".
I mounted the photo and aged the whole thing to appear
distressed and forgotten.
I finally got another opportunity to use one of those
cool baby doll eyes from Pork Chop Show on Etsy. 

Some people find the notion of Nuns and/or Catholicism
to be vile or unpalatable. I lightly sanded the face off the
nun to make her appear as a demon might when being photographed.
Then I added bloody fingerprints to give it some more drama. 

I UTEE'd more bits of strange ephemera, and added a handmade tooth.
I think that covers Vile and Vintage Creepy Glowbugg style.

Now it's Croms' turn!

WMvile vintage
So elegant and seductively vile.

It's not easy for some of the Minions to create vileness in their work.
Others of us were born to be vile!
The challenge runs until Sunday at 5PM CST. 
Please join us!

Last week's
StRaNgE bReW challenge
Gruesome Twosome
winners are 

This image makes my shriveled, black heart melt.
Classy and simple recipe card.


You had me at skull.
Wonderful techniques on a brilliant 3D display.

Congratulations to both of you!
Please contact The Mistress (her addy is in the sidebar)
to lay claim to your 2 digis of choice from our sponsor

It is also time to crown the
Master of the Macabre for June.

Congratulations to
Please contact The Mistress to claim your well earned prize.

Thank you to everyone who played along with us.
Keepin' it creepy, one challenge at a time.



mark gould said…
creepy I love your piece all the images are totally awesome, love the nun catholic dig as well ;) nuns ARE freeky lol
thanks DT for picking me, really honoured. thanks, mark
mark gould said…
ps, I can not get the email link to work. my email is

thanks, again, mark.
congrats to CGRA as well x
Fantastic displays from the Minions and Congrats to the winners...well deserved! And a special congrats to Mark, your work is amazing!!!
Cgra said…
Congrats Mark!! Your skull is so cool.

Thank you all!

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