Wretched Wednesday HDH136 Calling all Truebies

True Blood Season 5 Trailer
Season 5 starts this Sunday!
Can I get a "hell yeah!"?!
Hey! I just noticed that my favorite ripped werewolf is missing
from this group shot!
Let me fix that.
There, that's so much better.
How you doin'?
Anyhoo, I digress.
And I drool, too.
The challenge this week is to pay homage to the
enigma that is HBO's True Blood.

Here is my homage.

I had lots of elements that I wanted to use on this card.
Believe it or not, there were more bits of ephemera that didn't make it.
It's a bit much, but I think it strikes a decent balance.

I was able to use yet another of these weird bat-like brads,
and destash my ever growing collection of feathers.
I think they procreate in the jar where I keep them.
Every time I grab one, three more pop out!
I also finally broke out the weird (for me) TH Distress Stickles
in Antique Linen. It gave the aged piece a nice sheen.

I have the pleasure of sharing the spotlight with Andrea today.

Her project includes a wicked little vial of "V" and a "V" cupcake
just  for Andy Bellefleur. Yum?
Incase you aren't in the know, "V" means vampire blood.
It's kinda like Ecstasy mixed with LSD and PCP, when taken
by humans as a recreational drug.

Won't you join us this week in celebration of the
fifth season of True Blood?
There are plenty of magical and wicked characters to
choose as your muse.
Deadline to enter is this Sunday at 5PM, CST.

Now for the chosen ones.

First up is the supreme Master of the Macabre for May

Congratulations  to
Please grab your badge and display it with pride.
Also, contact Barb (addy in the sidebar) to lay claim to
your Masterly winnings. Be sure to include your
mailing address.

The Gruesome Twosome for the
Smeared Ink Distressing challenge are


Congratulations ladies.
You know the drill. Grab it and flaunt it.
Your badge, that is.

The lucky winner of the Smeared Ink
$15 digital shopping spree is

Please contact Tori here to claim your prize!
Just let her know Haunted Design House sent ya!

Congratulations to all of the winners.
It wasn't easy to choose with all of the amazing art we
had the pleasure of perusing this week. 
The Minions really appreciate everyone who plays along with us
down here, in the dungeon.
YOU are the ones that make the world a little less cute & cuddly,
one creeptastic project at a time :)


mark gould said…
cool, well done everyone, and thank you so much for the shopping spree, i shall be looking forward to getting my first digis. need to connect the printer up now ;)
mark x
mark gould said…
ps, I dont think the tori link is working???
Carol W. said…
Beautiful homage to True Blood! I am excited and read for Season 5!
Jenn Borjeson said…
Thanks! :) I don't have HBO and have never watched True Blood, but I'm going to watch some clips and play along with you all this week. xo
Congrats to all the winners, you are all so deserving! And many thanks to HDH for choosing me as Master of Macabre for May, I am so honored!!! I will display my badge proudly.
Just sent you an email, let me know if you don't get it.

Carol (Carol's Creations)
KristyLee said…
Congrats to all the WINNERS!!
Mark your going to LOVE Smeared Ink's digis, so YES get your printer ready!!
I love the card w/ the cracked lips and feather, way cool! And Andrea's project is fabo!
K. Dillard said…
I'm LOVING your True Blood crafts! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!

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