Master of Macabre and Hot as Hell GTs

As usual, we are running a bit behind here in the dungeon.
Better late than never though, right?

We am proud to announce
as our Master of the Macabre for April!!!

Please contact The Mistress to lay claim to your winnings.
Her addy is in the sidebar, and include your mailing address too. 

The chosen Gruesome Twosome for the
Hot as Hell in Here! challenge are



Congratulations to you both!
Great takes on the theme of fire and/or Hell.

Grab your badge and display it proudly!

We would also like to add a special mention this week

Check out Nancy's blog to find the YouTube link that makes
this card even funnier!

Thanks so much to everyone who took the time to join
us last week for our fiery challenge. We really enjoy
seeing what you come up with each week! 

We'd love to have you all take a stab at our
challenge going on this week until Sunday at 5PM, CST.
We are looking for anything tooth or dental related.
Plus, we have a unique, one of a kind sculpture for the winner,
that was sculpted by our very own Andrea of Smudgetastic!! 
Don't miss out!



mark gould said…
wow, thank you so much, have grabbed my badge and given it pride of place on my blog.
I am trying real hard to come up with something for the long in the tooth, but my stamps are not lending themselves. will hopefuly get something up x
KristyLee said…
Congrats to all the winners and most Gruesomes! All your projects are truly Hot as Hell! Pun intended!
Cgra said…
Thank you so much!!!

Congrats to Mark, Lady B and Nancy as well. Fantastically hellish stuff!

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