Wretched Wednesday -Homage to Hitchcock

It's time for another Wretched Wednesday project!
This week's Macabre Monday challenge is to find
inspiration with something Alfred Hitchcock either said, or directed.
He was always one for a wry quip, and don't even get me
started on his films. The man was brilliant beyond words.

"A boy's best friend is his Mother". 
I have always had a soft spot for Norman Bates.
In fact, I joke around with my son about our
"Bates-like" relationship.
He likes the quote about me being his best friend.
He doesn't really get it though, does he?

I decided to show you a smattering of what might have
been for sale in the Bates Motel gift shop.

I had so much fun making all of this swag!

Now you have to have a box of Norman Bates matches.
I UTEE'd the picture on the box, but not completely.
I like the wet, droplets of water look it gives the photo.

I UTEE'd the Bates Motel sign and added a magnet on the back.
I also framed up a cool photo of Mister Hitchcock
holding the marker for "Psycho". 

That photo is by far one of the coolest ones I found online.
Such a unique view of the manor with what looks like Norman
striking an ominous pose out front.
I aged it with TH Distress Inks and a sanding block.  

Lastly, we have what could be used as a paper weight
and a useful key chain.
I sculpted the face of Mrs. B using the picture on the key fob
as my reference. I think she turned out pretty good considering
I didn't have the proper wool for her bun.
Hmm, maybe it's Mister Bates.
What ever happened to him?

As you can see, it is quite easy to find inspiration in the works
of Alfred Hitchcock. You can just google him and find all sorts of
stories, films, and quotes to choose from.
You have until this Sunday at 5 PM CST to enter!!

I'll be back tomorrow with the GT from last week's challenge.  


Unknown said…
Great projects! I love the aged photo of Norman :)

"Revenge is sweet and not fattening."
-Alfred Hitchcock
That Bate's mom craft skull is awesome!
Ginger said…
You did a fantastic job! I just love all of the pictures and what you did with them.
oh wow, what a marvelous collection of goodies you have here. I'd love a wander through your gift shop ;)
Jenn Borjeson said…
Ok these are just totally freaking awesome. Great job.

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