HDH124- Macabre Monday: Evil Empire

*Please see the sidebar for HDH Macabre Monday Rules*
(Note: entries not following the guidelines are not eligible for prizes or badges)

Ok, macabre fans... your challenge this week:

"Evil Empire"

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
based upon a infamous Disney villain.

There are so many nasty characters to choose from like,


and Ursula.

Madam Medusa,

or my favorite Disney bad guys,
Prince John and Sir Hiss

Check out what the Macabre Minions have created
to get your evil juices flowing this week:

Sultana of the Sinister Lynx:

disney villans

Creepy Cricut Cween Donna:

Evil Empire Cruella

Agent of the Abominable Andrea:

dr facilier 212

Our Devious Digital Demoness Susan
will be back when she is feeling better, hopefully soon!

Temptress of Terror Teri
 Cruel Cruella
New image will be available on Wednesday at
Delicious Doodles.

Imp of Insanity Ike:


Cadaverous Concoctor of Chaos Creepy Glowbugg:
will post on Wretched Wednesday, so check back!


KristyLee said…
Oh man, there are so many fun Evil villains that I love!! This is a hard but oh so fun challenge! And that's why I play them for the challenge!
I do have to tell you DTs I love all of your projects, awesome job Minions! I bet you ladies had fun w/ this one too! I started the last challenge, got my pieces cut.... yep that's how far I got. But I so wanna finish this one he he! But who to choose.........
some gorgeous creations from the DT yet again. Soooo many villians to choose from!!
Dr. Mary said…
Totally awesome stuff by the DT! Really enjoying this week's theme...don't usually work on villains :)
Jenn Borjeson said…
Thanks for another fun challenge! :)

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