Wretched Wednesday - Which Witch are YOU?

Totally spaced this week's post.

In lieu of an actual project, I am just
gonna show this awesome painting of 
one of the most wretched witches of all time...

As far as nasty witches go, she's my gal!

Although, Winnie from Hocus Pocus
runs a close second...

Now for last week's chosen ones. 

Congratulations ladies! Beautiful work last week.
We are looking forward to seeing what this week's challenge
brings out in all of you!
There are lots of witches to find your inspiration with.
C'mon, even the Fairy Godmother has her bad days.


pensive pumpkin said…

Love. Her.
Jenn Borjeson said…
Congrats ladies!
KristyLee said…
Oh my goodneess I was so happy to pull up my email, and see my card as one of the top 2!! This just totally made my day! And MaryKay's is awesome Congrats to you too MK!
Thank you Glo and the DTs!
ike said…
OMG - Maleificent - I wee'd my pants when my Ma took me to the conema to see that.... I deffo got a 'thing' about eyes and I could even draw her myself !!!! Scaaaaaareeeee
CONGRATS Girls xxxx
KristyLee said…
Ike, If you can draw her then do it I would by your digi!
DonnaMundinger said…
Congrats to the Gruesome Twosome. Fab work! That Maleficent is really scary! Love her! xxD
Melanie Reid said…
Not quite a witch, but I was Fruma Sarah in "Fiddler on the Roof" a few years back. I was told that my performance caused some children in the audience to cry in fright. I look forward to getting back into challenges in March. Thanks for the great art inspirations.
Dr. Mary said…
OMG! I have GOT to catch up with my emails...THank you so much! So happy :) Kristy's card is AWESOME.

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