Macabre Monday HDH115 - Metal Mania

*Please see the sidebar for HDH Macabre Monday Rules*
(Note: entries not following the guidelines are not eligible for prizes or badges)

Well, wasn't that a nice way to kick off the New Year?
It was great to see all the usual suspects and some
fresh meat as well.
We had quite a few entries for our "Got Goth?" challenge
and CreepyG will announce the Gruesome Twosome
on Wretched Wednesday's post.

Okay Macabre fans,.... your challenge this week is:

"Metal Mania"
Giger's "Birth Machine"

You are to create a dark, Gothic, or Halloween-based art piece
that uses, includes, or depicts metal in some way. 
You can go very literal with metal embellishments or metallic papers.
Or you can use the Metal music genre for your muse, or maybe some
industrial H.R. Giger type stuff.
Make it dark if you dare!!
We like things a bit more on the spooky side here in 'da house!  

Check out what the Macabre Minions
 have created for your viewing pleasure:

Sultana of the Sinister Lynx:

Pure gorgeousness.
Lynx does nothing half way!

Agent of the Abominable Andrea:

dungeon keeper
No one does 3D mixed media paintings like Andrea!
LOVE the use of the real key in this one titled,
"The Dungeon Keeper".

Our Devious Digital Demoness Susan
is still out , but is hopefully healing up nicely. 
We miss you Susan! The Mistress makes up split up your chores. 

Temptress of Terror Teri:

Well, well, well.
Look who else is quite the jeweler in the Dungeon!
Beautifully crafted necklace Teri! 

Imp of Insanity Ike:

Metallic elegance if ever there was such a creature!
Gorgeous corset image and then the little creep inside
brings it back to the snarkiness we all love.

Cadaverous Concoctor of Chaos Creepy Glowbugg:
will post on Wretched Wednesday, so tune in!


Anonymous said…
It seems that I won't have much crafting time this week but I'll do everything to finish my project. I have some metal around at my place, that is waiting to be used. So, it's the perfect challenge for me.

Adorable work from the minions. I hope to find some time to comment on your blogs...
the DT have certinally pulled out all the stops on this one. Beautiful projects from all
Shelley said…
So excited about this one! Just love what you've all come up with. I will have my project finished tonight :D
This has been an enjoyable challenge! The DT has done a wonderful job on their metal creations! Hugs!
Jenn Borjeson said…
Thanks for the fun new challenge - I am so proud of myself, my card is not cute AT ALL this time! ROFL :)
Anonymous said…

thanks for the challenge. It was big fun. Although I haven't had much time I somehow finished the project within the deadline.
See you tomorrow.

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