Stop the cuteness...

Warned ya' yesterday... just sayin'.  Today's bit of non-creepiness:

But at least she has attitude, right?  Another image from SBS's Sweet Gothic Kids.  And Echo Park paper maybe?


Andrea C said…
I used to hate pink but my girly girly pink fru fru daughter has brought me to the ways of the girly side. Loving this card so fru fru delightful x
Tina said…
This is adorable...i love the colors and the image is amazing

AmethystCat said…
lol! you're awesome!
KristyLee said…
Even tho it's not creepy, you have done a killer job on this too cute card! I love the sentiment too! Wonderful colouring job! I truly like this card!!
Dr. Mary said…
This chic got spunk! Love the sentiment, perfect!
Betty Boo! said…
Awesome colors again Barb! Love that sentiment!


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